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Sunny Hostin Arrests Jedediah Bila Over Opinions On COVID Vaccine: We Shouldn’t Allow ‘Misinformation’

Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin

‘The View’ welcomed their former co-host to discuss their new book ‘Dear Hartley’, but they started arguing when Jedidiah tried to explain why she wasn’t vaccinated.

It’s no secret that the four main co-hosts of View strongly support the COVID-19 vaccine, but hosts Joy Behar, 79, and Sunny Hostin, 53 years old, bonded with a former co-host Jedediah Bila, 42, explained his reasoning for not getting the shot during an appearance on Tuesday, November 16. Jedediah had joined the ladies by video call to discuss her new book Dear Hartley: Reflections on Character, Kindness, and Building a Brighter World, when Joy mentioned the elephant in the room.

Joy mentioned that the former co-host was unable to sit at the table with them because she is not vaccinated and ABC has a policy that requires guests to be vaccinated to join the show. Jedediah, who had COVID in April 2020, claimed the vaccine “presents a greater risk than a benefit,” according to his doctor. “I have a medical exemption for the vaccine which was written by my infectious disease specialist, vaccinated in New York which was co-signed by three other doctors. I am not a candidate for this vaccine, ”she said. “I also have tremendous natural immunity, on many levels and many facets.”

Sunny Hostin Arrests Jedediah Bila Over Opinions On Covid Vaccine: We Shouldn'T Allow 'Misinformation' - Light Home News
Sunny mentioned his friendship with Jedediah, discussing his stance on the vaccine. (Shutterstock)

After claiming that doctors had approved his natural immunity, the former Fox & Friends Weekend the co-host mentioned that she was not anti-vaxxer, but encouraged people to make decisions for themselves. “My point about all of this is that I am not anti-vax,” she said. “I want each of you to sit down with your family members to sit down with your trusted doctors and ask yourself, ‘What’s the best decision for me? “”

Although she said she was not anti-vaxxer, Jedediah spoke out against the vaccination warrants. “This is a vaccine that was created to prevent the severity of the disease and prevent hospitalizations,” she said. “The vaccine does not prevent you from contracting COVID nor does it prevent you from transmitting COVID. After saying that, Joy looked completely shocked and joked about her longtime job, where she contributed to Fox News from 2013 to 2016, and then again from 2018 to May 2021, when she left the point of sale. “Oh my God. No, you haven’t. You’ve been on Fox TV for too long,” Joy replied.

Sunny Hostin stepped in to call Jedediah for his position, as the two spoke to each other. Jedediah claimed to oppose the warrants “for scientific reasons,” and Sunny hit back with statistics on how more than 762,000 people had died from COVID, including her husband that of Emmanuel Hostin parents. “I just don’t understand why you would choose to prioritize your personal freedom over the health and safety of others,” she said, noting that the two are longtime friends. “We asked the Surgeon General of the United States to debunk everything you just said, and I just don’t think we should allow this kind of misinformation on our airwaves. I am very sorry, my friend.

Sunny Hostin Arrests Jedediah Bila Over Opinions On Covid Vaccine: We Shouldn'T Allow 'Misinformation' - Light Home News
The ladies of ‘The View’ welcomed their former co-host Jedediah Bila on Tuesday. (ABC)

Jedediah tried to respond to Sunny and mentioned that she “put my health first”, but it was hard to hear. Whoopi goldberg publicized the situation by mentioning that an advertisement was coming. “This should sound very familiar to you. We have to go to the break, ”said the comedian. As Whoopi mentioned that studio audiences would get a copy of the former co-host’s book, Jedediah got one final mention in, “Follow the science, folks.”

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