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Summer Walker debuts new ‘Larry’ face tattoo in honor of boyfriend and fans are confused

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Tattooed! Summer Walker debuted with a new ink on her face in honor of her LVRD boyfriend Pharaoh, and he showed off his similar tattoo in a new series of PDA photos.

Summer walker shows her commitment to her new man, Pharaoh of LVRD, with a facial tattoo of her name. The singer took to Instagram on November 22 to share a video montage of photos of herself and LVRD Pharaoh lying in bed and showing off their new matching facial ink. The two each have their names permanently engraved on the side of their eyes. Summer’s tattoo bears LVRD Pharaoh’s real name, Larry, while hers has his name, Summer. In the photos, the lovebirds are glued to each other in bed and pack on the PDA in different positions (PG).

The new ink has received mixed messages from fans. While some loyal supporters were delighted to see Summer so happy, others took to the comments section to express their confusion. “Girl, you literally lost your mind,” one person wrote, while another added: “In the summer, I thought we had learned our lesson.” Someone else also wrote, “I love you but that’s not it my sister. You haven’t even healed from the last relationship.

Rumor has it that Summer and LVRD Pharaoh have known each other for years and even dated for the first time before she was a famous singer. Summer first announced that she was seeing LVRD Pharaoh in August during an Instagram Live. In October, she gushed about the relationship on the social media site. “So thankful to have this man,” Summer wrote. “It just increases my overall quality of life. I have never had someone who put me and my child first first. Not having to lift a finger, for someone to be really emotionally and spiritually intelligent and invested in me. It’s new and it’s nice.

Summer Walker
Summer Walker on the red carpet. (MediaPunch / Shutterstock)

Summer has a daughter, born in March 2021, whom she shares with her ex, London on Da Track. The two had a top-down relationship, which was the majority of the inspiration for Summer’s recent album, Still not finished, released earlier this month. Summer and London on da Track went their separate ways in the summer of 2021 and got into a social media feud in August. Summer also publicly called the mothers of other London children.

“You all terrorized me for two years, brother, because I was with the nigga,” she wrote. “I returned him for the same reasons you’ve all been terrorizing me for two years … I tried, as best I could, to keep him involved in his children’s lives, and you all tried to kill him. ‘blame. I had nothing to do with it. ”Needless to say, things didn’t end well, but summer definitely seems to be thriving now!

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