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summer TV changed beach magazines for entertainment cycles

summer TV changed beach magazines for entertainment cycles

The one of 2022 is, without a doubt, a program to play. At least, in the proposals that the channels installed on their screens (they all have one or more cycles) there is a marked trend towards entertainment.

Those seasons in which the programs moved to the Atlantic coast seem to have been quite a long way off, mainly, to transmit from there. Now, that was reduced to the mobile classics. But nothing similar to what, once, Mirtha Legrand, Juan Alberto Mateyko or Carmen Barbieri did when they broadcast from Mar del Plata during almost three summer months.

Driven by the pandemic, Since last year the trend of the game was installed at all hours and in all kinds of formats on television, and each air channel proposed its cycles, betting on the most playful instinct of the participants and the public, and with austere productions, more in keeping with these times. With the addition of a cash prize that is always a great extra incentive.

Guido Kaczka, Entertainment For Two By El Trece With &Quot;Welcome On Board&Quot; And &Quot;The 8 Steps Of The Million&Quot;.  Photo Capture From Tv.

Guido Kaczka, entertainment for two by El Trece with “Welcome aboard” and “The 8 steps of the million”. Photo Capture from TV.

In El Trece, those who are still on the screen at the beginning of 2022 are100 Argentines say (at 6.30 pm) that is rotating with drivers and guest drivers while they await the return of Darío Barassi, in March. First it was Dani La Chepi, now Manu Viale who took charge of the program and will soon do so Naza Di Serio and Fede Bal.

Although the cycle dropped a bit in its numbers, without the original driver (this Monday he achieved 5 points) it is still a rendering format which, in addition, maintains its version Famous, Sunday nights.

They are also on screen Match game, (at 2.30 pm) driven by Agustín “Radagast” Aristaran, who joined the El Trece grid in the last months of last year. With an average of 3 points, the format, in which celebrities also participate, ranks well in its band.

The same channel, for its part, continues to bet on Guido Kaczka, who continues with two of his classics, Welcome aboard (at 17) and The 8 steps of the million, in prime time.

The evening cycle is maintained at an average of between 2 and 4 points, while The 8 steps … with its dynamic of questions and answers on various topics of general interest It is among the most viewed of each day and is the best positioned on the channel, with numbers that touch the 9 or 10 daily points.

La Hora Exacta With Teté Coustarot And Boy Olmi, One Of Elnueve'S Proposals.

La Hora Exacta with Teté Coustarot and Boy Olmi, one of Elnueve’s proposals.

Elnueve is another channel that has been betting on this type of format since last year and maintains three on its grid, two in the evening hours: It’s in your hands (at 15), driven by Edith Hermida, and Super super (at 16), with the driving of Jose Maria Listorti. Both propose games of guessing and dexterity, in the study in the first case and, simulating a supermarket, in the second.

At 22 goes The exact time conducted by Boy Olmi and Teté Coustarot, with a round trip on a particular topic in each broadcast, between the participants and the conductors.

America also didn’t want to be left out of the game show trend. Thus, on her return to television, at the end of 2021, Pamela David did it with a cycle of these characteristics: The roulette of your dreams that, in addition to prizes in pesos, deliver zero kilometer cars as prizes.

Pamela David Conducts &Quot;The Roulette Of Your Dreams&Quot; Around America.

Pamela David conducts “The roulette of your dreams” around America.

With a panel in which the participants must complete known phrases, the cycle (like almost all, imported format and adapted to local television) competes in the strip of prime time with an average of 2 points, a good mark for the channel.

On the same screen, the comedian Pichu Straneo also joined this onslaught of game shows with Command Play, from Monday to Friday at 11 p.m., which achieves an average of 1.1, with questions and answers focused on music.

Meanwhile, one of the channels that bet the most and won with the games, Telefe, paused this summer with its great battle horse in the afternoons: Pass word. The cycle and its driver, Iván de Pineda, took a vacation to resume in March. While Done deal, with Lizy Tagliani, keeps his broadcasts recorded, Sunday nights.

On the contrary, Public Television, which, during 2021 also added its program Who knows more about Argentina? with the leadership of Roberto Funes Ugarte, to the trend of questions and answers, for now left it off the air until March.

Those who ask for a clue

But first, in February, there are two cycles waiting for the green light to go on the air, both on El Trece. One is Afternoon Shift, with the conduction of Andrea Politti, in which children and adolescents will confront adults with questions and answers and, The great game of the goose, hosted by Joaquín Pollo Alvarez and Dani La Chepi, both for pure entertainment.

With heat waves, outbreaks of Covid contagion and other stressful situations, the simple and classic game, whatever it is, seems to be a good formula for the audience to be distracted for a while – as long as it doesn’t suffer, in addition, a power outage – from the overwhelming reality.

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