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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

‘Summer House’ Season 7: Here’s Who Is and Isn’t Coming Back

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summer house Changing things up a bit. ET has learned that Luke Gulbranson, Alex Wach and Andrea Denver are not returning for Season 7, which is set to begin filming in July.

Fans, however, can expect to see Ciara Miller, despite speculation that she was not asked to return or that she was dropped from the show. It’s also safe to say that Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Karl Radke, Amanda Batula, and Kyle Cook are returning for the upcoming season. It’s also likely that Danielle Oliveira will return.

As for GulBranson, the 38-year-old took to Instagram Live on Tuesday and addressed the “elephant in the room.” Of the three who are not returning, GulBranson is the only one who turned the rumor to head.

“I wanted people to hear this from me,” he added his 14 minute video, “I won’t be on the show. I’m extremely grateful for the last three years on the show. I’m going to miss a ton of my friends. Really, extremely disappointed I’m not going to spend the summer with them. It’s my heart.” breaks it.”

However, GulBranson hinted that he has another show in the works, adding that he will soon be filming a pilot for a potential home renovation show. He also mentioned that two films are in the works for him. Gulbranson did not provide any details as to why he was not returning. When asked, he just said, “I can’t answer that.”

Watch also took to Instagram and posted secret message In which life is mentioned as throwing “some curve balls over and over”. In the post, along with the shirtless photo, Wach said he didn’t handle the curve ball “in the best way”, so much so that he shut himself out physically and emotionally. But with the help of a few friends over the course of a few weeks, Wach said he’s learning to “take some time for self-reflection and take a step back, something that makes living in NYC’s bustling lifestyle extremely difficult.”

Denver has yet to address its exit.

Earlier this month, ET spoke with Hubbard and DeSorbo at the MTV Awards, where they had very different things to say about the status of their friendship, or lack thereof, if you ask Hubbard.

Before presenting together at the MTV Awards, Hubbard stated that he hadn’t spoken to DeSorbo since the heated reunion. And with Season 7 shooting to begin, Hubbard says it’s likely “we’ll make it out there.”

For his part, DeSorbo said he’s excited about the upcoming season because fans will get to see a “real-life boyfriend” and a relationship in the Bravo series for the first time.

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