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Suggestions from the diary

Suggestions from the diary

2:55 pm “Stuck”. The New York subway comes to a standstill under a tunnel with six strangers in a car. These strangers are a mix of New Yorkers, different races, cultures, and ages. The prisoners’ emotions and frustrations explode, transforming the car into a kind of magical, musical and behavioral cell. Star (201).

6:10 pm “I am encircling the enemy.” After a large drug ship is lost on the US-Canada border, game warden and military officer Henry must survive when the drug cartel forces him to help them recover the lost goods. A&E (212).

9:55 pm “Welcome to the jungle”. A group of office workers find themselves on a lonely island, led by a madman. Sony (202).

The contribution The newspaper’s proposals first appeared on El Diario de Yucatán.

Reference from yucatan