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Suggestions from the diary

Suggestions from the diary

11 am “The masterpiece.” In Boston, a young writer spends his free time volunteering in a homeless shelter. One day she unexpectedly meets a homeless man who turns out to be her father, a brilliant but annoying man with whom she lost contact years ago. Star (201).

7:50 p.m. “Passengers”. An interstellar spaceship traveling on autopilot to a distant planet carrying thousands of people collides with a large meteorite, causing one of the hibernation pods to fail. As a result, Jim, one of the passengers, wakes up 90 years before the end of the trip. Warner (205).

10 pm “Hello”. Hellboy is rescued by Allied forces during a Nazi rite. Years later he becomes a lawyer. A&E (212).

The contribution The newspaper’s proposals first appeared on El Diario de Yucat√°n.

Reference from yucatan