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Suggestions from the diary

Suggestions from the diary

12:30 pm “The criminal investigation department.” A notorious gang of bank robbers keeps the police in suspense. They walk in and out without leaving a trace and remain discreetly inactive between robberies. Max Prime (476).

6:25 pm “Karate Kid”. The story of Dre, a young skateboarder who moves to China with his single mother for professional reasons. When a local thug begins to harass him, the young man finds support in Mr. Han, a man who offers to teach him martial arts in order to defend himself against his assailants. Warner (205).

10 pm “Daddy’s War 2”. Dusty and Brad team up to give their kids the perfect Christmas. This new outfit is put to the test when Dusty’s grumpy father and Brad’s cuddly, caring father arrive to turn the holidays into chaos. Cinema Channel (437).

The contribution The newspaper’s proposals first appeared on El Diario de Yucatán.

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