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Suggestions from the diary

Suggestions from the diary

12:45 pm “Crazy with anger.” Dave is a focused and peaceful man. But after a confrontation on board an airplane. He is forced to work with Dr. Rydell to take part in rabies therapy, which may also need a little help. TNT (415).

4:15 pm “The Hour of Death”. When Quinn downloads a cell phone app called “Countdown”, he finds that he only has three days to live. If time plays against him, he will desperately try to outsmart fate before time runs out. HBO 2 (450).

10 pm “The Secret Life of Your Pets”. Max’s life as a favorite animal is in danger when Duke shows up, with whom he soon has his differences. But they have to befriend when they learn that Snowball is recruiting an army of pets. Cinema Channel (437).

The contribution The newspaper’s proposals first appeared on El Diario de Yucatán.

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