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Suggestions from the diary

Suggestions from the diary

8:05 am “Back to Christmas Creek.” When her vacation app goes down, Amelia goes to the inn in Christmas Creek, where her uncle and father had an uphill battle 20 years earlier. There he meets his best friend Mike again. Star (201).

12:12 pm “Christmas melody”. When their radio closes over the holidays, a DJ has to broadcast from a town. Desperate, she decides to find out who the Santa Claus who saved the local Christmas party is and discovers the importance of love, family and Christmas. A&E (212).

10 pm “half siblings”. Renato, a successful Mexican manager, discovers to his amazement that he has an American stepbrother he doesn’t know about, Asher. Her father is planning an odyssey for her. HBO (471).

The contribution The newspaper’s proposals first appeared on El Diario de Yucat√°n.

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