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Suga from BTS tested positive for Covid-19


BTS member Suga tested positive for Covid-19as his agency Big Hit Music announced on December 24th.

“BTS member SUGA, who received a PCR test for COVID-19 immediately after arriving in Korea on December 23 (Thursday), tested positive for the virus in self-quarantine on December 24 (Friday).” AllKpop.

What happened to Suga from BTS?

SUGA received the second dose of its COVID-19 vaccine in late August Past and currently has no symptoms. Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in South Korea, the singer and dancer has been in forced quarantine since his return from the United States, where he has fulfilled several commitments with the group.

During the BTS members’ official vacation time, SUGA conducted personal activities in the United States. Before you leave this country, SUGA was subjected to a COVID-19 PCR test and received negative results.

BTS would not be contagious

Based on South Korea’s current travel guidelines regarding the spread of COVID-19, the interpreter has received another PCR test as soon as it arrived to his home country before starting his quarantine. Since the seven are on vacation, there was no contact with the other members.

“Big Hit Music plans to support SUGA as much as possible to ensure the health and safety of our artists as our top priority so that SUGA can recover as soon as possible. The agency also undertakes to conscientiously follow the instructions and guidelines of the health authorities. “

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