Home Entertainment ‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 6: Kieran Culkin on Roman’s Presidential Election (Exclusive)

‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 6: Kieran Culkin on Roman’s Presidential Election (Exclusive)

'Succession' Season 3, Episode 6: Kieran Culkin on Roman's Presidential Election (Exclusive)

As Succession Season 3 is drawing to a close, with only three episodes remaining, an increasingly confident Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) begins to make his own power games. And this time around, his family influence and difficult choices could have an indefinite impact on life beyond Waystar Royco, especially when it comes to the election of the next President of the United States.

And for once, the game Roman believes he plays with siblings Shiv (Sarah Snook), Connor (Alan Ruck) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) could have real ramifications. “Roman loves to play the game,” Culkin tells ET as he breaks down Roman’s political movements in Episode 6. “But it’s funny, you know, because Roman goes to great lengths to destroy his siblings. And the moment they’re crushed, he just feels terrible. “

[Warning: Spoilers for Succession season 3, episode 6, “What It Takes,” written by Will Tracy and directed by Andrij Parekh.]

After Waystar Royco successfully got through the shareholders’ meeting thanks to Shiv’s last-minute deal with Stewy Hosseinis (Arian Moayed) private equity partners Sandy Furness (Larry Pine) and his daughter Sandi (Hope Davis), the company now faces one more thing bigger problem: the election of the next President of the United States, after the current one, who wants to step down after a term and is no longer interested in enduring the constant interference of the Roys in his administration.

Now, under pressure on Logan (Brian Cox) to vote for the next Republican Party candidate, the Roy family is in Virginia, where they are attending a Conservative political conference to find various hope. And it doesn’t take long for Roman to become enthusiastic about Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk), a right-wing, preppy congressman who woos the youngest Roy with his “neo-neo-conservative” ideology.

The Roy family later meet again to go over their possible tips: the safest, if not the weakest, bet, Vice President Dave Boyer (Reed Birney); Shiv’s pick, Rick Salgado (Yul Vazquez), a modern Reaganite with worker appeal; Roman’s controversial candidate; and Connor, who thinks it’s time to take over the coat and save his father.

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And while the inner circle debates the best choice, Roman isn’t just about making sure Jeryd is chosen. It’s about them realizing that he has a place in the room. “I think he was trying to tell people he can,” says Culkin. “He’s smart, he can. And people still don’t see him coming. You see him as a little bastard. Nobody takes Roman seriously. ”

Adds Culkin, “When it comes down to it, he can do the job.”

And as a fan of the show, the actor says it’s fun to see Roman “find his voice a little more. Get his trust. ”Especially after Roman wavered in front of his father in episode 1 and lost his chance to be named CEO of Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron). “It was so frustrating to see him get so close and then just couldn’t make it,” he says of the moment he shot himself in the foot, adding that Roman was “definitely jealous.” on Gerri is.

“But there are times when he does succeed, and episode six shows that,” says Culkin. In addition to picking Jeryd as the top pick, Logan is kicking off a series of high profile moves that show how far Roman has come since Season 1 Papa Happy, it’s what Roman really wants and what he thinks is best for the company . ”

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When it comes to Jeryd’s politics, it is terrifying to see how comfortable Roman feels so good to support him, especially when Shiv points out how dangerous he could be to America. But Culkin says that to Roman Jeryd is just someone he believes will revive the grassroots and feed into the family’s affairs. “It’s more about who Roman believes that he could actually be the type that they have in their pockets,” he explains.

And if you fear that Roman actually shows fascist tendencies, Culkin concludes. “No, not at all,” he says. When it comes down to it, he says that Roman is actually a “closed version of some sort of penchant for Shiv”.

Politics aside, Roman is also distracted in the episode by the unexpected news that his mother, Lady Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Walter), is remarrying and that her wedding to a businessman named Peter Munion will take place in Tuscany, Italy, on the matter of Months.


“It feels real. It feels right, ”said Culkin of Roman’s reaction, constantly confronting him with all of his other siblings, even Kendall (Jeremy Strong), who all don’t seem to really care. “I think Roman actually tries harder than anyone to hold onto that real idea of ​​family. He really thinks they are a unit. ”

And so Roman sees the news of his mother’s wedding “as a change” to which he has to be prepared. “Oh, mom is marrying someone. So now I have to get to know him. Is he my stepfather? What is he? I don’t even know what to call this guy. I do not like it. I don’t know, ”says Culkin.

Meanwhile, Roman has a lot more to do than worry too much about his mother’s wedding. “And it’s really fun,” teases Culkin.

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