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Successful writer Niccol Ammanetti anticipates the premiere of the Italian mini-series “Anna”

AnnaA mini-series, produced and directed by renowned Italian writer Niccol Ammaniti, can be seen today, Monday, June 13 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

It follows the story of a 13-year-old Sicilian girl who must make her way through a world ravaged by a virus that attacks only those who have reached puberty. A disturbing plot, written before the coronavirus pandemic.

Niccol Ammaniti won the Strega Prize, Italy

Niccol Ammaniti won the Strega Prize, Italy’s highest literary award, for “Cum dio Comanda”. photo file clarin

Ammaniti is a very famous personality of Italy. Not only did he win the Strega Prize in 2007, his country’s most important literary award, but he has previously worked with directors of the stature of Marco Rissi and Bernardo Bertolucci.

From a book to television

An image from the series "Anna", adopted by Ammaniti himself from his novel.  AMC Photos

An image from the series “Anna”, adopted by Ammaniti himself from his novel. AMC Photos

In the case of AnnaNiccol took over the adaptation of his own 2016 novel, which he raised concerns about childhood and adolescence, dystopian science fiction, the adventure genre and initiation story, among other works.

divided into six episodes, Anna proposes a plot where the adults, victims of the deadly virus, are no longer. Society as it was known no longer exists, and children, until they reach puberty, live in wild packs, fighting for resources.

In the case of Sicily, nature is gaining land by suffocating cities with its flora, and there Anna (Giulia Dragotto) tries to save her younger brother, who has been kidnapped by a tribe of boys, who themselves It’s called the “blues”. Their goal is to cross the strait that separates the island together from the mainland, where they can find a way to protect themselves before the disease takes hold.

To accomplish his mission, he is assisted by a logbook and a brown-covered notebook, which his mother wrote down for him under the title “Important Things”, containing useful instructions for survival. Writes.

Despite her journey in a hopeless world full of challenges and adventures, Anna always finds a way forward. As Ammaneti herself puts it, “Her story is a parable of the love and vitality that is rooted in the impulses and stories we tell ourselves to navigate this world.”

The youth in "Anna" are protected from the virus.  But when they reach adulthood... AMC Photo

The youth in “Anna” are protected from the virus. But when they reach adulthood… AMC Photo

Nicole speaks Ammaneti

-Are you surprised by the success that Anna is having in the countries where it was released?

-Yes, very. It was somewhat unexpected, as it came out during the pandemic and I was afraid that the song would not be liked, but it actually played very well all over the world and I am very happy.

Many of your books have been adapted into films. How was your past experience with directors?

I had a variety of experiences, they were all very interesting. The first time one of my books was shown with Marco Risi, and the last time it was with Bernardo Bertolucci. In general, I had very little participation in films made from one of my novels, except at that time with Marco Risi.

– What was the initial thought that led you to write “Anna”?

It was a very simple idea, almost anthropological: imagine a world without adults. So I invented a virus, where globally only the smallest live.

-To create this adventure story, was it based on what you read as a child, such as Jack London or Jules Verne?

-Absolutely. I was a big reader of adventure books as a child. I loved it treasure IslandI listened to the adventures of Jack London. I missed those traditional books but put the action in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Info: AMC signal can be viewed in Argentina on Cablevision (57/HD 658), DirecTV (210/HD 1210), Telecentro (416/HD 1036), Movistar TV (355), Claro TV (330) and Supercanal (424) Is. and in Chile by DirecTV (210/HD 1210), Claro TV (13/613 HD), GTD (256) and Mundo Pacifico (HD 571).


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