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Successful Mexican-Argentine duo San Bandera set off a stage with new songs and a great tour

However, after a nine-year hiatus, Sin Bandera actually met in 2015, in which time he devoted himself primarily to releasing greatest hits and live recorded albums. First line,

Just now, or rather last month, Mexican Lionel Garcia and Argentina’s Noel Shajaris took frequency, an album with ten new songs that reflect the current excellent status of the official duo. This is their first truly new album since 2006, and they are very excited about the result and the good reception from the public.

His figures are 2.2 billion streams on the platform and over 7 billion views on YouTube.

without flag.  Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

without flag. Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

“This is an album that comes at a very special moment in our lives. We know what’s important in our hearts and we need to share that with our fans. It’s about that moment where We learn to value love above all else. frequency That connects us all,” Noel Shajris said on launch day.

Two weeks later, he chatted on Zoom and revealed more about Sinn Bandera’s current moment. He also said that he is still active with his solo career, basically because he had pending pre-pandemic shows. Lionel will, in fact, play with an acoustic trio at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires on Thursday, June 30.


without flag.  Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

without flag. Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

-Did you imagine that all the performances of recent years were going to lead to an album of new songs?

-Noel: Yes, it was planned. It’s been 20 years since that first album, and there could, of course, be a tour to celebrate, but that won’t be enough because the public and we ourselves deserve to celebrate with ten new songs, such as The first album, With Her Emotion and Desire to Feel begins a new phase for the next 20 years, with dreams and a desire to keep growing and reaching more listeners in the world.

-Did they prepare it over time or did it happen too quickly?

-Noel: We started composing about two years ago. The pandemic just arrived and everything was more complicated, but we made it through. As soon as it was possible to travel, Leo came to Los Angeles and even got vaccinated near my house. the first song that came SoonSecond straight to you And so, on each successive iteration, each song confirmed that there was something special and that the magic was intact and that we continue to enjoy everything we do.

-How was the composition and interaction during the pandemic, Leo? Did he stop composing or did he compose on Zoom?

-Lionel: Self We were looking for a time when the borders were open so that we could fly to Los Angeles and stay at Noel’s house. It was great to be back in Organic, with guitars, like my whole life. We went back to basics, the way we did the first record. The basis of what we do has always been a piano and a guitar. We could also do concerts with that essence, but luckily we have a good band.

It must have been comforting to meet after so much imprisonment.

-Lionel: Yes, it was great to meet again in these dark times, as this was just the peak of the pandemic. But we were very confident that it would happen and eventually we would see the light at the end of the tunnel. And prepare something special for the people, because the 20th anniversary was actually in 2021, but we couldn’t celebrate in the exact same year. We just knew we were going to go out and show this album.

Are you more excited about going on tour with new songs than about going on tour with a repertoire of greatest hits?

-Noel: Completely. It renews your desire. Let new songs inspire you because they’re fresh, fresh out of the oven. It is very nice to hear the public singing new tunes and new songs. That’s the only way to keep growing: having new arguments to keep enjoying.

-Lionel: If you’re on a show, you compose a new song and people sing it for you, the mood gets boosted when there’s a new joke or line in a 20-year relationship with a friend. A trip or a new anecdote greatly strengthens your bond with your friend and with the public in terms of music. When a new song re-adds and people sing it to you, it means the relationship has been updated.

How’s the tour going?

-Noel: A show takes place in August, but the Frequency Tour begins more officially on September 30 in Monterey, Mexico. There have been about 50 confirmed shows since then and hopefully Europe, Brazil and of course Argentina come later, where there is an audience that is historically very special to us. I’ll never forget the first Gran Rex in 2004 where I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe I was in the theater where I saw so many shows from great actors in the ’90s.


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