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Students of ‘La Academia’ meet again in hugs after a health crisis; Ruby is still isolated

The academy resumed its transmission 24/7 after the health crisis that was experienced inside the house. It was last Wednesday that the students Andrew, Edward and Santiago They reunited with the rest of the contestants after being discharged from the hospital to which they were transferred by a box of dehydration; nevertheless, Ruby She is still isolated in a hotel room due to her contagion from covid-19.

As seen in the images shared by the reality show, Mar, Cesia and Nelson, who had already returned home after a PCR test was applied and it was confirmed that they are free of covid-19, gave a warm welcome to your colleagues.

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As they arrived at the house of The academy, the participants celebrated and sealed their reunion between hugs, dances and even shouts. Andrés, Eduardo and Santiago talked about the discomforts they presented and shared what their current state of health was.

“I have survived. We survived!” said Andres, who acknowledged that he lost three kilos while he was unwell. “My mom was there with me and it was nice. She helped me a lot and I slept well.” +

Later, Eduardo arrived and, finally, Santiago. The contestants pointed out that they stocked the pantry with all kinds of food. They also talked about their experience at the hospital and thanked the medical staff for the good care they received.

According to a statement issued by the TV Azteca reality show, all those who are part of the production have tested negative for covid-19 and so far the only positive case is that of Rubí Ibarra.

“It is important to underline that both the students and the teaching staff and production team are free of Covid-19 after receiving the negative results of the PCR tests, which were carried out this past Monday the 25th at the hospital.”

How is Rubí, from ‘The Academy’, after testing positive for covid-19

They indicated that Rubí receives the necessary treatment indicated by the doctors and that her parents receive an update on her health status every day.

“There is only one positive case, that of Rubí, the 20-year-old from Potosí, who remains isolated in a hotel in Mexico City. receiving the necessary care for his speedy recovery. His evolution has been communicated punctually and daily to his parents.

At the end of the statement, details about the health problems of the students that took them to the hospital are reported. They also denied that the nutritionist was responsible for the situation.

“The medical opinions indicate that the cause that originated The hospital admission of five of the seven students of La Academia was gastroenteritis that caused an intestinal infection and dehydration. For the above The Academy disclaims all responsibility to the nutritionist Montserrat Hernández Barojas“, they pointed out.


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