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Stranger Things will have a spin-off and a play

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Just a week after premiering its final chapter, the Stranger Things series could return to Netflix with a derived series (a spin-off) and make the leap to the stage with a playannounced this Wednesday, July 6, the creators of the format, Matt and Ross Duffer.

Through a statement, Netflix, the streaming giant, confirmed that it will collaborate with the Duffer brothers’ production company, Upside Down Pictures, on both productions.

“They take care of all the details. It is no accident that stranger things has become an epic pop phenomenon. We are excited to continue working on new stories,” Netflix co-founder Ted Sarandos said in the announcement.

In Volume 2 of the fourth season of Stranger Things there is a lot of battle.

In Volume 2 of the fourth season of Stranger Things there is a lot of battle.

What will they come with?

It is unknown what plot or which characters the derived fiction will feature, although in previous statements the creators of the series stated that they would not have central characters like Eleven or Steve Harrington.

Netflix assured that the fourth season of stranger things was streamed for 287 million hours in its opening weekendon May 23, thus achieving the best debut in the history of its platform.

The long-awaited new batch of episodes of the science-fiction format broke a world record previously held by the Spanish La casa de papel, which with the premiere of its fifth season in 2021 added 201 million hours played in its first weekend.

In the third rung of the best premieres in the history of Netflix is ​​the second season of Bridgertonwith 193 hours played in March this year.

Stranger Things will have a spin off and a stage play.

Stranger Things will have a spin off and a stage play.

addition to the universe stranger thingsthe duffer brothers they plan to release the television adaptation of the manga death noteone of the most popular of its genre, and another film based on the book by Stephen King and Peter Straub Talisman.

the final chapters

The producers had already warned that they wanted to have an ending according to the horror books of the aforementioned Stephen King.

And if we go back through all of this Season 4, with the two Volumes, they’ve come pretty close to that idea that they had.

In Episode 9 the combat unfolds, the battle, if not the war between Vecna, Eleven and their friends. It’s quite uneven, and somewhat tangled, but not complicated. It is a mental duel, but the terrain is not between neurons but in different areas, different places that are reached through, let’s call it, different portals.

The “What did you do” that, more than asking, Father Martin (Matthew Modine) reproached a little Eleven, girl, at the beginning of Volume 1, returns at some point. Everything has its explanation -I don’t dare to say its logic, yet-, no one from the armchair or the bed at home is going to be left without understanding what is happening.

But what’s central to Volume 2 is that battle. Which is extensive, lasts almost an hour. The Duffers, who co-wrote, as always, the scripts for the series’ 34-episode run, and directed these two episodes, they remember Spielberg and slow down the appearance of the villainlike Steven did in Shark.

And if the humor with which they impregnated what was happening in Russia, with Jim, Joyce, the smuggler Yuri and Murray was, by far, the weakest part of Volume 1, there are almost no gags here. There is not much room for jokes.

And unlike Volume 1, where there was an intrigue -who is Vecna ​​or how did Vecna ​​come about-, there are no longer so many enigmas, and the expectations are focused on that confrontation.

Stranger Things goes dark in season 4.

Stranger Things goes dark in season 4.

One of the interpreters had also warned that Volume 2 was a carnage (carnage, he said, which always sounds prettier).

Neither too much nor too little.

Source: EFE


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