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‘Stranger Things’ Star Jamie Campbell Bower Performs the Lizzo-Vecna ​​Mashup We Didn’t Need

It’s giving off unexpected, yet delightful, Lizzo-meets-Vecna ​​vibes.

Jamie Campbell Bower delved into the process behind his terrible strange things villain The Tonight Show On Tuesday night, the host was telling Jimmy Fallon how he developed his character’s bone-chilling voice before delivering some classic pop culture lines as Vecna.

“It took a few months to recover,” he said of the vocal work. “We had a readthrough in March of 2020 and I was working a little bit on Vecna ​​and [his other character] Henry. I got the job in January itself, so I had February to prepare for it.”

Bower sat behind co-star Millie Bobby Brown at the first table, where she started an early version of Vecna ​​”in this very nostril area,” he said. “Like Freddy Krueger – and it just wasn’t taking off. So I went home and worked on it, did a bunch of reference work for Hellraiser And Doug Bradley, in particular. It said this deep, loud sound coming out of the dark and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, you can tell.'”

At Fallon’s request, Bower channeled his inner Vecna ​​to deliver on camera some infamous pop culture lines, including quotes from titanic And Notting Hill, But the real show-stopper was Vecna’s rendition of Lizzo’s chart-topping hit, “About Demon Time”— Balenci-ussies and all. see below!

Bower said that his terrifying appearance on screen is “almost 90 percent real”, requiring eight hours of prosthetics work before filming.

“We start around three in the morning to get ready at 10,” he said, “and then I have to act.” At the end of the day, it takes an hour or two to remove the dress.

interview comes as it is strange things The writers have revealed that the script for season five is in the works. The “first day,” the official authors’ account shared via Twitter on Tuesday, also featured a whiteboard that was hand-drawn. weird things 5 Logo.

In the meantime, Bower will release a new single called “I Am” on August 12 and is set to begin filming a Western saga with Kevin Costner this fall. he revealed the casting news The Tonight Show,

“I’ll be in, I think, Utah riding a horse in October, wearing a Stetson,” he joked.

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