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Stories and money don’t work Alejandro Knownes

Stories and money don't work Alejandro Knownes

Madrid (EFE) .- Alejandro Knownes “Who Killed Sara?” Full of projects after the success of the Netflix series that made him known internationally and which opened new doors for him to work on thanks to the “love” and dedication.

“I don’t do it for money or magazines, followers or women… I do it because it inspires my soul to tell stories and everything else is for a consequence,” Alejandro Knownes in an interview In which he defines himself as the “passionate”, “heart-given” and “intense” type.

The actor is at his best professional moment where he can see success in all aspects: his wait at the airport, the followers, the job choices or the type of casting they call him: “The producers and directors he never called, now yes.

Knowns, who started out as a musician and later remained as a model until the start of her acting career, admits to “who killed Sarah?” It opened the doors to the most international market for him, something he had not expected, but knew it was a “important project” for his career and his future.

The success of the Mexican series where he gives life to Rodolfo has been the first Netflix original project he has worked on.

“I am such a fan of non-English series that I admire it. Realizing it had a huge impact, my mind stirred,” she says happily.

He does not know whether this success represents the hallmark of his professional career, but it is the “achievement” of his entire career.

“It is a reflection of many years and what is missing from the expectations, the dreams I have and what I really want to achieve,” he says.

Thanks to his role in the series, he has doubled his followers on Instagram and is close to a million, a figure he is not governed by, but which he appreciates and values: “My followers are organic. Huh. I didn’t make any strategy. Hope this helps me get better characters, stories and projects.”

His dedication towards work is his whole life, he assures himself. He says that on many occasions both journalists and his immediate surroundings ask him if he is not sacrificing his personal part, love or family for the sake of work.

“It’s true and I would love to, but I can’t be a complete person if I don’t achieve what I think I can achieve as an actor. If someone gets on my boat along the way, So great, but I’m not going to give up on my big dreams right now”, he says.

Since childhood he has seen a lot of Spanish cinema such as “Carne Tremula” (Pedro Almodovar) or “Lover of the Polar Circle” (Jजूlio Médem) and now he assures that there are many possibilities to return to Spain: “There are little things in the air.” ”, he falls.

“I want to make a good series or movie, a lovable character and I think there are many stories in Spain where the characters have incredible depth,” says the actor, who feels a “special connection” with cinema but that also believes that “they’re doing incredible series” so choosing one is turning off the other.

And it also has so many offers that it is difficult for you to choose it. “Now is a difficult time in my life because there are so many choices and resolutions and my decisions must be right… that’s really where I put my life,” he says.

The last thing that has ended is the series “Malverde: Patron Saint”, a “beautiful and interesting” project.

Alejandro Nonnes announced in October that it was “Who Killed Sarah?” will premiere its third season, and has another project on its doorstep in December. His professional career highlights his commitment, passion and dedication.