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Steven Spielberg marathoned ‘The Squid Game’ in three days

steven spielberg He is known in the world of entertainment for being a director of films, mostly science fiction, such as Indiana Jones, ET the alien, Ready Player One: Start the gameamong many others.

For its part, the squid game was placed as one of Netflix’s biggest hitsbeing the most watched series to date, was such a success that the series was renewed for a second season and there will even be a reality show on the theme of the series.

It is not surprising that the filmmaker has declared himself a fanmonths before Spielberg applauded the exploits of the series during the prelude to the 33rd edition of the Producers Guild Awards in March of this year. The director with his sights set on streaming platforms, assured that the squid game came to change the rules of the game.

Its entertaining development and the originality of the series where it showed a multitude of people trying to win deadly tests to win the prize that would make them millionaires, made millions of people around the world hooked on the series and they saw it in record time, including acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

This was revealed in a recent interview with the portal dead line the showrunner of The Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk. While he was talking about the series, at one point, the creator of the series commented that he admires Steven Spielberg and he was very excited when the director confessed that he saw his series in just three days and “I enjoy very much”.


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