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Steve Harvey’s grandchildren: all you need to know about his 7 grandchildren

steve harvey and wife marjorie

Steve Harvey is the proud grandfather of seven adorable grandchildren. Check them out here.

Steve harvey has done a lot throughout his career: TV presenter, actor, author, comedian, businessman. While the 64-year-old star is known for his various endeavors, he is also a notable family man, often featuring his children and grandchildren on his former syndicated talk show, Steve. We know a lot about his seven children Karli, 39, Brandi, 39, Morgan, 34, Broderick, 30, Jason, 30, Wynton, 24, and, of course, Lori, 24 years old, with wife Marjorie and ex-wife Marcia. What may not be common knowledge is the fact that he is also the grandfather of a large brood.

Through his son Jason and his daughters Karli and Morgan, the actor has, in addition to seven children, seven grandchildren. Check out Steve’s grandchildren below and all the hilarious things he said about being a grandpa.

Rose, Ezra, Noah and Joey Harvey

Jason, Steve’s son and his model wife Amanda are parents of four children: the photo above, in order from left to right: daughter Pink and son Ezra and Noah. The couple welcomed their fourth child last summer: a baby girl named Joey, seen in the photo below shared by Grandma Marjorie. Proud grandparents often share snapshots of the children on their respective Instagram accounts.

Given baby Joey’s newborn status, Grandpa Steve may not have bonded with her yet. Shortly after Ezra arrived in 2018, Steve appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this December and said he had not yet played with his grandson, jokingly, “I don’t like them when they don’t have head control.” He said, “You gotta put your two fingers [behind their heads] and then they slip.

The comedian said good head control is needed, explaining to the host Ellen degeneres, “I also need a few words. I don’t like this step where they don’t do anything. These are just small spots and I don’t care. So I’ll wait where they can say ‘daddy’ and then I’ll play with them. He joked, “Other than that, I’m just denying them.”

She and Marley Hawthorne

Steve’s daughter Morgan shares two children with husband Kareem hawthorne: girls She (seen in the pink tulle dress in the photo above) and Marley (pictured in the red tulle tutu alongside her big sister Elle). The couple recently welcomed Marley in September 2020, making the little girl the comedian’s seventh grandchild. A few days before his big arrival, Steve appeared on Access and confirmed that Marley’s arrival was imminent.

When asked if he treats his grandchildren differently from his children, Steve called their relationship “wonderful,” noting that they love him because he allows them to indulge in foods that their parents wouldn’t. “Half of my grandchildren are vegans and the other half are pescatarians,” Steve said. “So most of my grandchildren don’t eat meat, but they love me because I give them everything. He joked, “I gave him a Slim Jim and told him it was tofu.”

Benjamin “BJ” Raymond

Steve’s daughter Karli shares child with entrepreneur and business coach husband Ben Raymond: son Benjamin, named after his father, but also called BJ by his relatives. The adorable toddler even has his own Instagram account, sharing photos of himself with his parents, grandparents and six cousins. BJ turned 5 in June, celebrating with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party.

While he clearly loves his seven grandchildren, Steve joked about his expanding family during his eponymous talk show in 2018. “I’ve been waiting for years for my kids to come out of my house,” he joked. “I want to be an empty nest. Now they are coming home and they have other people with them. They always bring them in and drop them off. And I’m like, ‘Now I’ve been talking to my girlfriend all day. All we were talking about was what was going to happen tonight. Then I get home and here they are!

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