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Steve Aoki: “My purpose is to maintain the connection with the public”

American DJ and music producer Steve Aoki, one of the most important and recognized artists in electronic music is visiting Mexico, a place that he himself has said is one of his favorite places in the world. The reason: the launch of a new campaign called mixx about how electronic music has become a phenomenon in the world.

In interview with MILLENNIUM the producer and entrepreneur of Japanese origin highlighted the importance of knowing oneself in its different facets; He is not only dedicated to music, he is a sociologist, something that not many people know, that is why he combines his two passions to better understand the world, in addition to looking for people to open a B side of their lives and get involved with the things that they are passionate about as human beings in every way.

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“I am a DJ, an artist who is on stage most of the time, so I always see a lot of people, I play for them, I collaborate with other artists and I constantly study people. In the world of Sociology it is interesting know how the world moves, understand each personality; I like to understand and discover new ways to get closer to people, as a DJ I think of absolutely everyone: music finds other ways to bring out the best in one and we cannot be selfish in this career, I assure you that nor in any other”, Steve mentioned during the conversation.

“I like to surprise people, keep their attention; I consider myself as that teacher who tries to understand what happens on a daily basis, I really do care about people and that they venture with me on a trip; That is why I also made my foundation with powerful scientists to connect in another way beyond music. I promise you that when you let go of selfishness and help others, you find success,” added Aoki.


The DJ has an organization called Aoki Foundation, focused on mental health, which supports the areas of brain science and research with a specific focus on regenerative medicine; as an altruist and as a sociologist he can better understand what goes on in human minds and in the masses.

“Culturally, this type of music surrounds us. In the festivals it shows, immense energy is generated, we make people come together in the real world; as artists we also have that purpose: to keep the public together, to feel the connection and flow with what life presents them”, he mentioned.

Steve considers himself a person who fights for his goals, although he tries not to get so hooked because he runs the risk of getting lost in his desires, that’s why he only wants to enjoy himself: if he’s playing a concert, he stays there; if you are producing and recording you do what you really should do.

“I love goals, I love dreams, but without exaggerating because we can get lost there because of the fact intensify; by trying to fulfill everything you forget what really matters, we have to know how to focus our energy and when we are willing to go for everything, then do it and that’s it, without thinking too much”, he emphasized.

“Life moves on, I think we should appreciate those family moments, let’s not forget those worthwhile moments, because everything happens or goes away in an instant, everything can happen at any time. My advice is to enjoy what you have in front of youSteve said.

The artist is part of the campaign mixx of Dos Equis, a new initiative that seeks to inspire through electronic music, through this platform a powerful message is shared to show that side that nobody knows, with this is added a limited edition can with the silhouette of the American DJ.


among colleagues

Other DJs who are also part of this campaign are: Ghetto Kids, Tom & Collins, Le Twins, Nortec, Eva Bluntbetween many more.

With the music

mixx will join festivals such as EDC, Beyond Wonderland, XX Summer Waves, among others.


Aoki greatly admires the work of the Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan with whom he collaborated on the song “Ultimate”says that it is in full musical boom.


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