Stephanie Salas to Luis Miguel

Mexico City.- Stephanie Salas He is not willing to be silent. Much less nowSecond season of “Luis Miguel, Series” Addresses the issue of Paternity of singer; And relationship with Michelle Salas.

spoiler ALERT: In the fourth episode of the series Diego Boneta, Attempted after a stumble Show Sophie that he can be a good father; Luis Mi agrees to take care of Michelle for a weekend, even if she has to work on the video for her next album.

Finally, the singer puts selfishness aside to live an intimate moment with the little girl, which he reads Book of “Pinocchio”, Which according to him, is his mother Marcella Bester, I read it when he was a child.

At the end of the chapter, it is seen how this episode from childhood reassures adult Michelle to her father, who has lost part of his hearing and remains in Mexico.

“Tell me one of the Pinocchios”

On the basis of that Stephanie Salas uploaded a photo In which she made a small comment: “Better tell me one of the Pinocchio’s,” Michela Salas’s mother wrote in the picture that she slightly undid her dress and peeked out her bare shoulders.

Screenshot of the publication by Stephanie Salas, which will be a clue about “Luis Miguel, Series”.

In addition to this, Granddaughter of Sylvia Pinal Shared a publication, in which a person recognizes the work done in the production of Netflix, but the question is why not leading to Single mother, “You can’t go 11 years and come back again“, In connection with the absent paternity of” El Sol “, by many known.

Screenshot of the story of Stephanie Salas about a user comment about the “Luis Miguel” series.

In his latest publication, too Daughter of singer and Sylvia Pasqual “Everything is not fairy tale”, which would be another clue in Netflix’s production, which states Version of events in the life of louis miguel, Highly single by the press.

Screenshot of the publication by Stephanie Salas, which would indicate “Luis Miguel, Series”

As it will be remembered, there are many people involved in the singer’s life who have come forward to deny or state that the series is merely a fantasy of reality, or, A very distorted vision of Luis Miguel How did some things happen?

In this series, it is questioned whether the singer presents Michelle as a sensible daughter Despite his disapproval, he has forgiven his father.

It is known that, although Michelle has searched for this many times; Many know Singer Rejects and Rudeness And have With my firstborn.

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