Home Entertainment Start María Celeste You are starting a new challenge

Start María Celeste You are starting a new challenge

Start María Celeste You are starting a new challenge

With relevant topics of interest to the Hispanic audience, journalist and presenter María Celeste Arrarás is returning to television with a documentary broadcast in Spanish on the CNN channel.

“Doculfilms with María Celeste Arrarás” premiered on Sunday, November 7th and saw an audience increase of 41%.

“They liked it very much, it exceeded expectations,” says the journalist, who explained in an interview with the newspaper that audience growth, exceeding the previous program, is a parameter that encourages them to grow and a product of excellence every week.

It was very exciting for María Celeste to get back to her roots as her journalistic career began with documentaries and the film about the fall of the Soviet bloc many years ago was the one that opened the doors to the Hispanic market on television. .

He says the documentary requires a lot of research, a deeper line, like it was the case with singer Selena, for example.

María Celeste insists that she is excited to be returning to the genre at a time when it is becoming fashionable as she believes that young people with a certain level of education are interested in documentaries, it is what they are most interested in consume most, and that it seems great to him.

In addition to providing information and imparting knowledge, in his opinion, the documentation also fulfills the aim of entertainment and, in this case, ensures that the quality of the production is exceeded and very carefully crafted documentaries will be shown with great professionalism and affection.

The topics to be treated include, for example, environmental and political issues.

The film, which premiered on Sunday 7th, explored a phenomenon few know: pollution from mining companies who deliver very large stones to communities and which the machines they have cannot and which cannot pass through be used to pave local roads or as filler material in parks where children are playing, but such materials are radioactive.

In the documentation there is a complaint on this interesting topic.

The first chapter was repeated on Friday, and a new episode was released last Sunday at 8 p.m., addressing the Latino vote and the power of the various Hispanic minorities in the United States.

The Cuban community, the problems that live on the island, was also part of the program and ensures that this is also planned from the point of view of other minority groups.

María Celeste explains that in addition to the preparation that she does by reading all about the subject at hand and the work on the production, she is involved in the scripts, especially because it is she who has to present so that she can be in the entire documentary is practically square and she feels comfortable doing it.

He emphasizes that the good audience of the first show is cause for joy and hopes that the audience will continue to respond positively.

In research

María Celeste Arrarás relies on the CNN video library and other research carried out in other countries in English.


“Doculfilms with María Celeste Arrarás” airs every Sunday at 8pm on the CNN channel.

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