Home Entertainment Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe and Canon

Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe and Canon

Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe and Canon

Till not way back, many followers of Star wars they believed that solely the primary six movies had been what informed the story of the saga; Nonetheless, now with the sequence the story has grown, however for the reason that 70s there was the so-called Expanded Universe, which was an necessary a part of the saga.

After the primary three movies created by George Lucas, many individuals had been left with doubts and issues about what was occurring with the characters, that is how they started to appear comics revealed by Marvel, in addition to novels. Nevertheless it was when in 1996 a multiplatform content material referred to as Shadows of the empire that issues took a flip.

This story was divided into comics, a novel and a online game, all complementing one another, telling unique elements of the identical story in each. That is how we discovered what occurred between The Empire Strikes Again and The Return of the Jedi, particularly with Han Solo and his passage via the palms of Boba Fett.

Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe And Canon - Light Home News

This gave solution to many tales that had been written over time, extra comics, novels and video video games, even the sequence of Droids, Ewoks and later Clone Wars, they fashioned what can be referred to as the Prolonged Universe.

The Star Wars tales grew and new characters arrived, some who to today proceed to be missed, dome Mara Jade, Jacen Solo, Kyle Katarn, Sprint Rendar, Prince Xizor and several other extra.

Expanded Universe ends and present canon begins

In concept, all of the items of the prolonged universe had been official and informed what had actually occurred with the characters and tales, however all the things modified in 2012, when Disney purchased the franchise.

At the moment, all the things finished earlier than that date aside from the six movies and the Clone Wars sequence ceased to be canon and went to the “Legends” model, which was now not a part of the continuity.

Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe And Canon - Light Home News

At the moment the brand new trilogy was created, the Solo and Rogue oneIn addition to the Rebels sequence, later The Mandalorian would give a brand new life to the saga and lots of extra sequence and movies can be confirmed.

New novels, comics, and video video games had been introduced over the course of the sequence, all searching for to make sense of the saga as had already occurred with the Expanded Universe, however now below the supervision of Disney. Some characters like him Grand Admiral Thrawn they returned to the Canon, however many others didn’t. As well as, new characters had been created that little by little have received over the followers.

Star Wars: Difference Between Expanded Universe And Canon - Light Home News

In abstract Star Wars has two timelines

The Legends line is now not a part of the official timeline, nonetheless there are nonetheless many followers and lots of tales value watching, so new followers can see them with out issues.

Secondly, the present canon is the one which might be working within the subsequent few years with all of the content material that’s popping out and complementing the work already finished for a number of years, particularly targeted on what has been finished from 2012 up to now.

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