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‘Star Wars’ defends queer characters from LGBTQ hate

star wars Is defending the franchise’s inclusion of LGBTQ characters. The official Twitter account responded to a complaint about queer characters in the universe, writing that “current gay characters are not political.”

It also pointed out that the word, war, “is literally in our name.”

The tweet quickly garnered thousands of likes, while one user replied, “You just earned a follower, official star wars account! You are making a difference!”

LGBTQ characters protect the franchise when the brand was celebrating Pride Month issue of special cover like him star wars Time dedicated to “uplifting, honoring and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community in the world” throughout the comics.

The variant covers were “created by LGBTQIA+ artists and feature LGBTQIA+ characters” star wars Featuring business attire with galaxy, a rainbow explosion and a classic star wars Logo with rainbow mark. ,

Pushback on anti-LGBTQ rhetoric also follows Chris Evans’ defense light yearThe inclusion of a lesbian kiss between two married female characters has resulted in a ban on the animated film in some countries.

“Every time we wake up there has been social progress, the American story, the human story is one of continuous social awakening and development and that’s what makes us good,” Evans Told Reuters, “There’s always going to be people who are scared and clueless and trying to capture what was there before. But those people die like dinosaurs. I think the goal is to give them no attention, move on.” and embrace the evolution that makes us human.”

The actor also said that critics of the reclusive moment are “stupid.”

related to star warsThis is not the first time that hate comments and reactions have been called for from fans on social media. A few weeks ago, the franchise criticized the racist attacks made against Obi-Wan Kenobic Star Moses Ingram with co-star Ewan McGregor said anyone who made such a “horrible” comment is “no”. star wars fans.”

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