Stainless hero Renaldo Giancini returns from Brazil

To say that soap operas are a state affair in Brazil is nothing new. Many of them Rede Globo superproductions, which paralyze the country primetime And here they become attractive options for evening or night grids, starring Renaldo Giancini.

This first actor born in So Paulo was the main heart of popular soap operas of the early 2000s, such as family relationshandjob the color of sin You Beautiful; and other close ones, such as secret truth (2016). Later overcoming lymphatic cancer Diagnosed in 2011, at the age of 48 it is more current than ever.

Before the pandemic broke out, Giancini recorded sweet ambition, a novel that premiered on the Brazilian Open Channel in 2019 and landed on Telefe afternoon on Monday. Patti had a good start with an average of 11.3 marks and a peak of 12.8.

Giancini Overcame Lymphatic Cancer Diagnosed 10 Years Ago.

Giancini overcame lymphatic cancer diagnosed 10 years ago.

famous actress Juliana Paes This tale of forbidden love stars Maria de la Paz, a traveling pastry chef who manages to become a millionaire businessman, Twenty years after a tragedy on her wedding day.

Despite a successful career, Maria is unable to win the love of her only daughter, Yos, and will fall prey to his unbridled ambition. Yoss becomes involved in a plan from the seductive Regis Montavani that aims to persuade Maria to marry him so that, later, they can have all their fortune together.

Giancini embodies Regis, the novel’s classic villain, who will show other nuances as the chapters pass. “I really like that writer, Valcier Carrasco (the award-winning producer of sweet ambition), because usually her characters are never a thingEverything is inside them,” he explained.

“My character has changed a lot. It starts with the desire to take advantage of a woman who is amazing, charming and inspires many people,” she said at the premiere in Brazil.

a film life

Giancini’s story looks like a movie Or one of the many soap operas in which he acted. He was born into a middle-class family in Birigui, So Paulo, and although he dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood, Her 1.86 height and her perfect smile opened doors for her as a model.

She spent several seasons in New York, Paris and Milan, paraded and posed for graphic campaigns for number one international brands such as Armani. But his desire to act was still hidden. And in 2001 came the role of Eduardo Albuquerque in the highly successful telenovela family relations.

Giancini, In &Quot;Family Ties&Quot;, Is One Of His Biggest Hits.

Giancini, in “Family Ties”, is one of his biggest hits.

At first he was criticized a lot and was cast as a bad actor. But Reynaldo began to study and, over time, he showed that he was much more than a pretty face, becoming “the first person” on the Brazilian small screen. In addition to starring in and integrating the main cast on television, he worked in film and theatre, where he added a certain reputation for public devotion.

He was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in July 2011. Since then he has undergone chemotherapy treatment to destroy the malignant cells. His father died of liver cancer during treatment..

However, Reynaldo did not lower his arms and continued to fight the disease. In the final stages of treatment, Giancini received an autologous bone marrow transplant. His body accepted it and soon he was back at work.

Giancini Is One Of The Most Revered Heroes In Brazil.

Giancini is one of the most revered heroes in Brazil.

pansexual hunk

Giancini’s love life was in the spotlight of the Brazilian press for many years, especially for His first marriage to well-known journalist Marilia Gabriella, 24 that he That story went on for eight years and caused all kinds of opinion and speculation.

Sometimes the happiness of others makes you uncomfortable. I had to make a habit of looking at my privacy, not privacy. I had to get used to fame, because otherwise I would not be able to live in peace,” he said in those years. He had a brief affair with Preeta Gil, daughter of musician Gilberto Gilo..

last September, Brazilian TV star revealed to be pansexual. A year ago he spoke openly about his sex life, admitting to having relationships with both women and men.

Renaldo Giancini Defined Himself In Front Of The Press As &Quot;(Sexual) Bread, Because Bread Is Everything.&Quot;

Renaldo Giancini defined himself in front of the press as “(sexual) bread, because bread is everything.”

“People love to pigeonhole me. they say i’m gayBut I don’t consider myself so. I consider myself everything at the same time. If there’s a word for me, it’s it ‘pan’ (pansexual), because ‘pan’ is everything”, he told the EFE agency.

“We are at a very critical time to break down various negative things like racism, homophobia, the ways that prevent people from being like them, that they are not judged or discriminated against, that they have their place. because they are different from the majority”, held. He concluded, “If I have any struggle, it is for freedom.”