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Monday, October 3, 2022

Sports star dies in locker room after collapsing (PHOTOS)

  • They tried to save him but they couldn’t.
  • They were only 19 years old and had a ‘promising future’
  • He had just been named captain of his team

The world of sports is in mourning again when the death of the young sports ‘star’, Eli Palfreyman, who was only 19 years old, suffered a ‘collapse’ in the locker room, during the intermission of a preseason game, according to with various media.

A spokesman for the Regional Police Service of the city of Waterloo in Canada reported that personnel responded to the medical emergency at the North Dumfries Community Center, according to Toronto Sun. The young man was taken to Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

This is how the young ‘star’ of the sport died

This is how the young 'star' of the sport died

Later, he was pronounced dead. The game where Eli Palfreyman collapsed and subsequent league games were suspended. Just days before his tragic passing, the team had given Palfreyman the confidence to become captain.

“We are asking for your prayers and support for Eli’s family and each of our players. Our Centennials organization and the Ayr community are in mourning,” said Brian Shantz, vice president of Ayr Centennials, Eli’s team, in a statement retrieved by CBC.

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