Home Entertainment Spider-Man: No Road Home vs. Matrix Resurrections: Who’s Winning?

Spider-Man: No Road Home vs. Matrix Resurrections: Who’s Winning?

Spider-Man: No Road Home vs. Matrix Resurrections: Who's Winning?

One premiered last week. The other did it just a few days ago. But the mourning for the public between Spider-Man: No Way Home, with Tom Holland, Zendaya and Benedict Cumberbatch, from Marvel and Sony, and Matrix ResurrectionsWith Keanu Reeves of Warner Brothers, it doesn’t seem even.

The battle is pretty uneven though Spider-Man: No Way Home Y Matrix Resurrections They have cut themselves, and left far, far behind the other films that are on the bill this end of the year, at least in Argentina.

Matrix Resurrections It has sold 40,874 in just two days on the bill, on Wednesday, December 22 and Thursday, December 23. Yesterday, Friday, December 24, there were no shows in most of the cinemas across the country, just 22 theaters opened for Spider-man (sold 7,141 tickets), 21 for Matrix (929 spectators) and 28 more, distributed between Charm, Clifford Y The Gucci house.

Carrie-Anne Moss And Keanu Reeves Return In &Quot;The Matrix Resurrections.&Quot;  How Did It Go?  Photo Wb

Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves return in “The Matrix Resurrections.” How did it go? Photo WB

On Wednesday, when it opened, it was watched by 20,554 viewers, just a little more than on Thursday, when it cut 20,216 tickets.

Impressive figures

TO Spider-Man: No Way Home 205,527 viewers saw it on Wednesday, which closed its opening week (plus the nightly preview functions on Wednesday, December 15) with 1,725,754 tickets sold. And on Thursday, in its eighth day on the bill, it was seen by 103,601 viewers. And with those of Friday, it reaches 1,839,849.

&Quot;Spider-Man&Quot; Is By Far The Most Watched Movie Since The Pandemic Began.  And That Only 10 Days Ago That It Premiered.  Sony Photo

“Spider-Man” is by far the most watched movie since the pandemic began. And that only 10 days ago that it premiered. Sony Photo

If we compare day by day, it is very clear which movie the public preferred. So what Spider-man It had already been on the bill for a week.

There are 186 cinemas that are now showing the Marvel and Sony film, in which the character played by Tom Holland must face five villains who had previously fought with the Peter Parkers played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Those of the Warner Bros. film are 148. The premiere of Matrix Resurrections subtracted some screens from Spider-man, since last week it looked at 208.

Anderson (Keanu Reeves), Heading To The Cafeteria With A Suggestive Name: Simulatte, In The Film By Lana Wachowsky.  Photo Wb

Anderson (Keanu Reeves), heading to the cafeteria with a suggestive name: Simulatte, in the film by Lana Wachowsky. Photo WB

The number of viewers on Thursday was 127,882. In other words, 81% of the total viewers – or 8 out of 10 – paid their ticket to see Spider-Man, and 15.80% did so to see Neo, Trinity, another Morpheus and a certain Smith , which is not the one you imagine.

Between both titles they carried almost 97% of the public. Those of us who feared that at some point the public’s attention was going to be atomized into a few films, leaving fewer rooms for the rest of the productions, we were right. Love without barriers, by Steven Spielberg, for example, started its third week in theaters in … two theaters only.

Even Steven Spielberg Suffers From The Success Of The Two Hollywood Tanks: &Quot;Love Without Barriers&Quot; Was Left In Two Rooms.  Disney Photo

Even Steven Spielberg suffers from the success of the two Hollywood tanks: “Love without barriers” was left in two rooms. Disney Photo

The successes of the two Hollywood tanks have moved the release date of some titles that were to arrive shortly. For example, Rifkin’s Festival, the last film directed by Woody Allen, which was to be released on the first Thursday of January, the 6th, was postponed to the 20th of that same month. For now.

Let’s remember that this Saturday, December 25, cinemas are open throughout the country, starting at 6:00 p.m. Those that remain closed are those that are inside the shopping malls, because the shopping centers will not be open.

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