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Spider-Man film censored for homophobic phrase

Spider-Man film censored for homophobic phrase

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One of the movies Spiderman Has just been Censored 20 years after its premierethis for a homophobic phrase said on the tape.

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last year with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Toby Maguire He performed with Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, which led to wall-crawler tapes becoming fashionable.

However, in Maguire’s first film, there is a phrase that caused controversy for its homophobic contentso British TV station ITV2 cut a scene from the tape.

In her, Peter Parker enters a wrestling duel to make money, so he has to face Bone-Saw, to which he says, “It’s a nice outfit, did your husband give it to you?“. But the tape was changed and at that moment Peter says in a sarcastic tone “what a good suit you wear”.

It should be noted that Marvel films are currently more inclusive and different communities are already more represented, even in Eternarls you can see an openly homosexual relationship; while dr Strage: Multiverse of Madness was banned in some countries because it touched on these kinds of issues of people’s sexuality.

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Reference from lanoticia

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