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Spice Girls get together at a party and sing their songs

The Spice Girls caused a sensation among their fans after “reappearing” once again together after their last tour in 2019. Through social networks, a video can be seen in which we can see them singing and dancing ‘You’ll be There’.

In the video, you can see Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm, victoria beckham —who did not attend the last tour of the Spice Girls— and Emma Buntonleaving Melanie Brown as the great absent of the night.

The meeting was ‘windowed’ by none other than former footballer David Beckham, husband of Victorywho revealed the clip, already described as “iconic” by fans, through their social networks.

Likewise, rumors began again about a possible meeting of the girl bandas there are versions that suggest that they would get together to return to the stage in 2023.

Spice Girls, a pop phenomenon of the 90s

In 1994 the newspaper The Stage posted an ad seeking girls between 18 and 23 years old who know how to sing and dancewho were ambitious, dedicated and outgoing.

Around 400 women attended the call and showed up at London’s Danceworks studio with their sheet music or cassette of backing music. Two years later, in July 1996, 25 years ago, the Spice Girls presented their first single, nothing less than the famous song wannabe.

In the early 1990s, the producers, father and son, Bob and Chris Herbertthey were convinced that the world needed an all-girl band.

“There are a lot of boy groups right now. And we just thought that it was time to form a group of girls who sing and dance“, said the Herbert son in 1994.

Melanie Brown, known as Mel B, quickly convinced the producers that she was the right choice for the group. “To me, she’s the obvious star,” Herbert Jr. said in 1994.

Regarding Mel C, actually Melanie Chisholm, the first thing that stood out about her was her voice.

Victoria Adams (now Victoria Beckham) already at that time provided a sophisticated aesthetic.

The three of them were the first nucleus. Geri Halliwell missed her first auditionas he said years later because he had gone to Spain to see his grandmother, and joined the team in the second test.

Geri brought all the cheer in life and, you know, the fun.”assured the producer.

The fifth Spice Girl was Michelle Stephenson. Who? Stephenson was the fifth applicant chosen to be part of the band and, as the project progressed, she did not quite fit in.

“I wasn’t really happy. It wasn’t the kind of music I wanted to do. It was not the kind of music with which they ended up dating a few years later. It was very, very pop”, she recounted in the documentary.

To his reluctance due to the type of product they were generating, were added the health problems of his mother and ended up leaving the group.

“No, I don’t regret it, but obviously the money would have been nice”he said between laughs.

Emma Bunton was finally in charge of filling the gap and closing the definitive formation. “Even though it was a manufactured thing at first, it really turned around and I think we became a band and we really, really loved each other,” Halliwell said in the documentary “Spice Girls: Giving you Everything.” BBC.

Wannabe, a song made in minutes

After months of work and still without a contract, the band did not share the vision and the proceeding of the producers, so they packed their bags.

“To be honest we wanted a contract, we wanted to sign … thank God we didn’t because we wouldn’t have been able to walk away without getting penalized,” Mel C said.

“I remember putting all of our stuff in garbage bags and putting it in my car. And disappearing,” Halliwel said.

The group began working with Simon Fuller, a renowned English music and television producer, who put the machinery in motion.

Then came the next milestone in the career of the Spice Girls: the signing by the multinational company Virgin Records.

“We knew we had found a great manager and we introduced him to, I think, that about six songsBunton recounted in the documentary.

“We wrote ‘Wannabe’ shortly after the screening with Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe. We wrote it probably in 15 or 20 minutes, the five of us throwing ideas“.

The record company was not very in favor of wannabe It was the single with which they would make themselves known to the world, but the Spice were convinced.

The song entered directly into the third position of the British sales list, behind Killing me softly, of the Fugees, and forever lovethe Gary Barlow.

The following week he had already reached the number one. The song became a worldwide hit and they became the new pop phenomenon.

They played in discos, bars and schools, where girls, mainly, chose if they wanted to play Baby Spice (Bunton), Scary Spice (Mel B), Sporty Spice (Mel C), Ginger Spice (Geri Haliwell), or Posh Spice (Adams) in the choreographies.

In fact, spice was the first album of the group that was released in October 1996 and sold almost 20 million copies worldwide in the first year.

They opened their first tour with a concert in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1997 in front of an auditorium with a capacity of 8 thousand people and sponsored by the American soft drink company Pepsi.

The Spice Girls rode a wave of fame that included fans, concerts, interviews, and even a movie of their own called Spice Worldpremiered in 1997.

Shortly before the feature film hit theaters, the Spice Girls had released their second album, also called spiceworldand the spicemania seemed to have no end.

They hit the road again for the album’s live performance and around two million fans turned out to see them at their concerts. They were still on top, but it seemed their paths were beginning to diverge.

In the middle of the tour, during which Mel B and Adams got pregnantGeri Halliwell decided to leave the group when they still had dates to meet.

I need to say something that I should have said a long time ago. I am sorry. I’m sorry I left. She was being spoiled. It’s great to be back with the girls I love,” the Redheaded Spice said in 2019.

The third and last work of the band, forever, was published in 2000, without Halliwell on the cover. And the result did not have the success of the first two. A year later, the The Spice Girls put an end to a seven-year career.

In 2007, the five girls met again for a joint tour. In 2019, they repeated the experience on a tour of Europe, but without Victoria Beckham.

The last time the five of them performed together on stage was at the graduation ceremony. Closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.


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