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Space prepared a July of action and launches a vote

During the month of July, the Space signal “is preparing a month of infarction with content full of premieres, action, terror and the most recognized figures in Hollywood,” according to a press release from the television channel. It promises pure adrenaline.

This special programming will translate into various specials for all tastes and it is an agenda that promises a trail of dynamite, since the start of the Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 31.

The most outstanding favorite characters, the sagas that made history, important figures of Hollywood cinema, the premieres and the films that it is always necessary to see again will be present at the Extreme Super Mega Hall of Fame SPACE.

Freddy Krueger, in the first "Nightmare".  Photo File Clarin

Freddy Krueger, in the first “Nightmare”. Photo File Clarin

The special programming that will have consecrated men of the stature of Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, among others.

In addition, new films will be included in the programming, such as Annabelle 3: Coming Home Y The survivor.

Lets vote

But that’s not all: from Thursday 7th to Tuesday 26th July, the public will be able to vote on the cable signal’s social networks for their favorite character from the Extreme Super Mega Hall of Fame. The winner of the draw will be announced on Thursday 28 at 10 p.m.

Keanu Reeves, in his John Wick character.  Photo File Clarin

Keanu Reeves, in his John Wick character. Photo File Clarin

The candidates for the vote are as follows: Evelyn Salt (Agent Salt), Mason Storm (hard to kill), John Rambo (Rambo 4: Back to Hell), Jane Hammond (Jane Got a Gun), Robert McCall (the vigilante), John Wick (John Wick), Xander Cage (xXx Reactivated), Mason Storm (Hard to kill) and Chev Chelios (Crank 2: high voltage).

More titles?: The Expendables 2, No escape, Operation dangerous, Kill ‘Em All: The Avenger, Assassin game.

And, among others, there will be a special dedicated to Sandra Bullock. From this Tuesday, July 5, you can see Gravity, The net Y Ocean’s 8: The Scammers. Freddy Krueger will also have his little “museum” in Space as part of the fear cluba cycle that starts with tutti on Friday, July 8, from 10 p.m.

“Gravity”, the film by Alfonso Cuarón, which won 7 Oscars. Sandra Bullock was nominated. Photo File Clarin

The terrifying tribute includes disturbing dreams such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightmare on Hell Street Y Nightmare II: Freddy’s Revenge.

From Saturday the 9th, another deserving of a chapter throughout this month will be Steven Seagal himself, who will be seen Hard to Kill, The Outsider, Half Dead, Nico Y deadly revenge.

Space was launched into the air on March 11, 1991 by the company Satelital image. It was the first 24-hour movie channel in all of Latin America. The channel’s programming, with a strong emphasis on cinema, began with films from the United States, Hispanics, and international films, in addition to the most important international boxing events.

In 2008, seeking to provide different options, Turner gave the channel a repositioning, since Space’s focus was similar to that of TNT (another channel of the group), and focused its programming on action, adventure and suspense movies and series, leaving aside the proposal of international and Ibero-American cinema.


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