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‘Southern Charm’ Sneak Peek: Naomi Olindo and Craig Conover’s Awkward Chat About Katherine Dennis (Exclusive)

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Though They May Be Friendly Ancestors, It Doesn’t Look Like Craig Conover And Naomi Olindo Huh friend, At least not in ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s brand new episode southern charm,

The sneak peek opens with the pair jumping into an awkward chat, with each half of the former couple making small talk about Olivia Flowers’ oyster shaking party. Naomi quickly brings up the uncomfortable conversation she had with Chleb Ravenel in that meeting, in which she essentially told Naomi that she didn’t like being in a relationship with him. Katherine Dennis,

“A lesson I learned later, like, everything happened to me and you, like, never air your dirty laundry with other people,” Naomi tells a nostalgic Craig. “Obviously I apologize for that, but I’m talking badly about you, I’m very sorry about it and then I’m pretty sure [my ex, Metul Shah] did me So, you know, karma is very real…”

“Craig is making me really uncomfortable,” Naomi remarked in a confessional statement, her commentary reverting to everything with shots of Craig. But listening to him. “He’s, like, irritable, not making eye contact, looking over your shoulder… I mean, like, who’s coming? He’s literally acting like I’m part of a sting operation . Something that I clearly don’t know is going on, and I wish Craig told me straight-up instead of acting like a weirdo.”

“I don’t know why you couldn’t tell me this over the phone,” Craig shared in a confession of his own. Not long after Craig’s now-girlfriend met, Paige DeSorbotold her that he didn’t like the idea of ​​hanging out with an ex-girlfriend, which might explain his abusive behavior.

Watch the uncomfortable exchange here:

“Like, why did we have to have coffee to tell you that Cheleb is talking about Katherine?” He goes on asking.

“But yeah, I don’t know… I felt really bad for Katherine,” Naomi told Craig back at the coffee shop. “And not, like, in a condescending way. Like, feels really bad for him as a person.”

“He and I will never be good friends,” she adds. “I think it’s the right thing to do to give you this information…”

“Um, yes,” responds Craig.

“Just talk to him,” begs Naomi.

“Maybe,” Craig cracked back.

While it remains to be seen whether Craig traces this information back to Katherine, Naomi shared with ET prior to the season that she and the show’s resident Red Headed Spitfire found common ground during filming. Or at least, create some boundaries.

“Katherine and I reach a point throughout the season where we are completely amicable,” she said. “I mean, we have to be around each other all the time, so it’s easy to be like, ‘Okay, we’re good, we’re good. I’m not going to worry about that anymore… ‘ Compared to the constant saying ‘f**k off’ at these lunches, which was happening there for a while.”

“I was really sad when I came back and was so sad,” she offered of her own Season 8 journey, “and started having fun again with the support of my friends and doing my job that way, and Just living my life. Life was the best thing I could do, you know? And so it’ll play out in real time. You’ll get to see every step of it.”

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