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‘Southern Charm’ sneak peek: Austen Diggs for answers about Craig and Naomi’s hookup (exclusive)

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This week’s brand new episodes in an exclusive glimpse of ET southern charmThe founder of King’s Calling Brewing is looking for answers about his bestie, Craig Conoverhooking up with ex girlfriend/returning co-star Naomi Olindo In Las Vegas, right before the cameras hit Season 8. In the clip, Austen walks over Naomi and leva bonaparte, mid-discussion. women confess they were actually taking about Austen and ask her to join the convo because, as Leva says, they want to avoid the game of telephone. Leva wants to blow the air around the ongoing discussion about Naomi and Craig.

“Craig just isn’t able to sleep with someone he likes and then…” Austen tells Naomi, suggesting that there may be deeper feelings involved. “I believe the two of you had a little, like, reconnection. Whether it’s two weeks, three weeks, a month. Like, that’s her style. Aren’t you all hanging out in Charleston?”

“Yeah, we spent a week together,” Naomi replies, confirming that “that’s it” when Austen asks. Craig and Naomi previously dated for years before separating in 2017. They briefly reunited in 2022 after the two became single.

“But you guys don’t sleep together just once, true or false?” Austen Press.

“Twice, that’s all,” confesses the seemingly reluctant Naomi. “Is he lying about it?”

“He was like, ‘One more time. Never again,'” Austen revealed. “I don’t know. The way he described what happened was like, ‘I was right and she was calling and we went out and, yeah… we slept together and it was, like, no.. .’ You know? Pshh. Just in a way that it was a waste.”

The clip then cuts back to the moment where Craig shared the hookup story with Austen and Shep Rose Feather Katherine Dennis‘ Birthday, which isn’t exactly what Austen called it – but it’s not too far off either.

“He describes you as something clingy, like, ‘whatever’ was trying to get back with me,” Austen continues, to which Naomi responds, “I really can’t believe she’s that way. will describe me.”

Watch it all play out here:

When ET spoke with Naomi ahead of the season 8 premiere, she explained why she and Craig went back together for that week.

“It was a very short time where we were both in the middle stage,” she shared. “It’s someone you’ve known for a really long time, that you trust, that you’re comfortable with, and so it was kind of a comfort thing where you know it’s not really going to be out of place.” gonna, but that’s okay, because you trust them and it really wasn’t– I had no idea the show was going to make such a big deal about it.”

Naomi has since found a new relationship with Craig summer house Star Paige DeSorboHer seal of approval will see viewers teasing how she handled their romance during Season 8.

“I really like Peggy,” she said. “I think they really fit each other and there’s no bad blood. … We also had a lot of conversations this season, because it was almost as if people kept thinking that Paige and me Must fight, and Peggy and I shouldn’t like each other. I mean, I like her a lot. I think she’s great. I don’t have a problem.”

southern charm Airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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