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Sophie Turner says becoming a mother has made her a better actress

Sophie Turner admits she’s been a “totally, much more emotional person” since becoming a mother. In July 2020, the actress and her husband, Joe Jonas, welcomed their first child, daughter Vila, and are now expecting their second child together.

Turner shared on the podcast Unwritten with Emily Vogel How parenthood has changed her. “I think it definitely adds up to like a different point of view. You know, how do you look at your parents as they get older and they become more sensitive and you’re like you’ve never Haven’t seen my father cry and now he is crying all the time. I guess so,” she explained. “I think the concept of empathy and family has made me an overall more emotional person. Empathy is heightened. Feelings about family kind of overflow.”

game of Thrones The star also noted that becoming a mother also affects how she does her job. “It’s made me a better actor, to be a mom,” she said. “As an actor, the only way to be a real, brilliant actor is to experience as much of life as possible and to bring those experiences in. So it’s just another little part of life that I’m experiencing that makes me cry.” And hopefully it helps in my performance in some way or the other.”

Earlier this year, a source told ET that 26-year-old Turner and 32-year-old Jonas were “overjoyed to learn that they are expecting a second child.”

“They are siblings and didn’t want their daughter to be the only child and talked about having one big family,” the source said in March.

ET recently chatted with Jonas about his life with Turner, and he shared that nowadays if he’s “able to be able to go home early, I’m always a little happier.” Watch the exclusive interview below.

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