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“Sonic 2” broke the box office record for a film based on a video game

"Sonic 2" broke the box office record for a film based on a video game

Sonic 2: The Movie Made a huge debut at the US box office, topped the weekend box office $71 million, making it the most successful video game-to-film adaptation in its debut Over 58 million received from the first installment of the same saga.

It is stated by the particular site of hollywood box office mojo, Which highlights that the film’s collection in the rest of the countries was 70 million, hence the global volume 141 million.

Paramount action-adventure film sonic 2 Raised about $71 million in the United States—only this weekend—reported the exclusive firm exhibitor relationship, “It’s an excellent start. For a movie sequel based on a video game,” he said.

original film of of soundInspired by the popular game of Sega Engaging a lightning-fast hedgehog, goto 58 million at the beginning of 2020, At a time when Covid19 was starting to register as a threat.

its latest version is Jim Carrey while in a live-action role ben schwartz (Sonic), Idris Elba (Knuckles), and Colleen O’Shaughnessy (Tales) voice the animated characters.

"Sonic 2" features Jim Carrey in the role of "Flesh and Blood".

“Sonic 2” features Jim Carrey in the role of “Flesh and Blood”.

In January 2020, Carey expressed interest in starring in a sequel, feeling that his character, the villain Dr. Robotnikcould expand to: “I wouldn’t mind doing something else because That job was a lot of fun. Trying to convince people in the first place was a real challenge that I had a three-digit IQ…” he joked.

“There’s a lot of room for robotics, I guess haven’t reached the peak yetTwo months later, in March, it was confirmed that they had signed contracts to produce multiple, algorithmic sequences. of sound,


Morbius, vampire movie jahan Jared Leto played a Nobel laureate leech in comics adaptations miraclewas clearly excluded.

The film came at number two 10.2 million After a steep drop compared to the previous week, and has accumulated the total international collection so far 69.3 million, That is, in two weeks on the poster failed to recover 75 crores invested in its production.

"Sonic 2" overtook "Morbius" protagonist Jared Leto.  What will he say?

“Sonic 2” overtook “Morbius” protagonist Jared Leto. What will he say?

was in third place the Lost Cityromantic adventure starring Sandra Bullock and Channing TatumWith 9.1 millionWhich means a total of 68 million, not an insignificant figure for the genre.

with 8.7 million4th place at the box office patient vehiclewhere Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II play two quirky foster brothers who rob an ambulance in order to escape after a bank robbery.

till batman came in fifth place with 6.5 millionAlthough 735 million which has been reimbursed worldwide, it is ranked as the highest grossing film of all time this year. batmanfrom Warner Bros., with Robert Pattinson In the title role, is now in its sixth week of release.

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