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Songs in “Loop” by Maria Moctezuma

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Maria Moctezuma returns to the stage after a long break from face-to-face events due to the pandemic, and she does so with a very interesting show to the public, performing versions of her songs in “Loop”, a The way he presented it is a lot in Europe, but in Merida he rarely does it.

It will be the day after tomorrow when the artist shows up with the “Maria Moctezuma in Loop” concert at the 69 Opichen Cultural Center at 8 p.m.

He explains that he uses a pedalboard that connects to a guitar and microphone, and to record live the guitar sounds, vocals, chorus, accordion, clay ocarinas, and all the instruments he uses, one by one. starts. The way a soundtrack is made is because it records one musical sequence on top of another until the song is formed.

He explains that this is a show that has presented a lot in Europe and that just before the start of the pandemic he was on a tour of that continent in which he performed 19 concerts of this type with good response from the audience. Always interested in Mexican culture.

The musician and interpreter is used in his presentations to talk about Mexico, the beauty of the country, the culture, the Maya language, and the presence of the Maya race, which many Europeans consider extinct.

Saturday’s concert is the first in person the artist will perform since the tour that ended in February 2020 due to the pandemic, so it’s very emotional for him to be able to perform this performance with the audience, as his music is what he has to offer. He is very emotional, and he likes to see the reactions of the attendees, “If they laugh, they cry, they get angry”, when he talks about conquest, ancestors, land, conscience. ..

Saturday is also Maria’s first solo performance in a year since she’s done mass streaming concerts, but it is her first live and individual concert performance with her project “Rizzoso”.

Maria will be alone on stage, her company will be the many instruments she will use such as: guitar, accordion, percussion seeds, jaguar and bird ocarinas, bongo, clay flute and snail, among others. Audio engineer Roy Katsuya will be his backstage supporter.

“slightly mad”

The artist details that this type of show is a bit crazy and upsets her, because it requires a lot of precision, because if she makes the wrong move, it’s awkward and can’t happen, other Unlike shows in which this doesn’t happen must be recorded.

“Everything in this show has to be very precise, I have to do everything, but it’s great and it causes me a lot of adrenaline to do it.”

Share that before doing this type of show you need to be very calm, do yoga, meditate and work on the body balance part, because you have to operate the pedals with which you record, play instruments and singing.

Presentations are requested to arrive in advance. The 69 Opicán Cultural Center is located on Calle 73-F No. 112 between 138 and 138B of the Vila Magna subdivision. Will open at seven.

The fee to see the concert in person is $100 and includes a drink and a sandwich. Reservations at 9997-37-39-68.

The show can also be viewed for free on Facebook Live at page 69 Opichain. – Iris Ceballos Alvarado