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Son with autism of Jimena Pérez “La Choco”, discriminated against in a restaurant

hijo de la choco

MEXICO.- Rafa Sarmiento, driver’s husband Jimena Pérez “La Choco”, accused that his son was discriminated in opposition to in a restaurant in Acapulco, Guerrero, after they didn’t enable his service canine to enter.

The additionally commentator wrote the grievance on his social networks, exhibiting the Japanese meals institution. In response, a number of customers have been outraged and even the restaurant itself retracted.

“The ‘Shu’ Acapulco restaurant, part of the Suntory Rest group, has just denied me entry to their restaurant with the assistance dog for a child with autism,” he stated, whereas guaranteeing that he has supporting paperwork and a certificates.

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“I made it clear to the hostess that the law gave access to the dog. He insisted that the manager said no, because there was no terrace where to put it. Trained, certified, with identification bib ”, he detailed on Twitter.

The husband of “La Choco” additionally addressed the Nationwide Council to Stop Discrimination (CONAPRED) and guaranteed that he’ll quickly file a grievance about what occurred: “I definitely want to start a complaint and process,” he wrote.

“What a disgrace Suntory Mexico group! It’s a service canine, not a pet. It’s abominable that they have no idea the distinction, “he wrote. Atala on her Instagram tales

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