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Son of Marcus Ornellas exhibits the actor on video due to spelling error: “the one who did not study”

Marcus Ornellas Y Ariadne Diaz They are one of the few celebrity couples who are very active on social networks, where they share details of their work projects and their family life. His followers have witnessed the growth of his son Diego, who has shown having inherited the charisma of his parents, to those who sometimes ends up exhibiting

And it is that the weekend Marcus Ornellas and his son, 6 years old, They were traveling in their car through Mexico City. Everything was going well until Diego took the Brazilian actor’s phone and recorded a video in which he exposed a misspelling of his dad.

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As soon as he started recording, Diego focused on his father, who was driving the vehicle, and stated: “the one who did not study in classes”. Hearing this, Marcus Ornellas briefly turned to the camera in surprise and burst out laughing.

“When your son makes fun of you and you have no choice but to agree with him…”, wrote the actor in the description of the clip that he shared through his Instagram account.

Later, father and son explained the situation. It turns out that the two were talking when suddenly the subject of how to write the word “shoulder” came up, it was then that the actor assured his son that it did not start with the letter ‘h’.

“We were talking about something and we came to the conclusion that the word shoulder… he never knew it started with an ‘h,'” Diego said.

“Diego tells me: ‘no, it’s that a man has an ‘h’ like a man,’ I told him: ‘no, ‘man’ does have an ‘h’, but ‘shoulder’ I think not (…) I told him: ‘oh, my love, I don’t think so, but let’s go look for him’, and I looked for him and Diego was right. You were absolutely right, my love, congratulations. Hit them, you’re a fregónOrnellas said.

Marcus Ornellas and Ariadne Díaz have a son (Instagram)

Marcus Ornellas and Ariadne Diaz (Instagram).

However, the Brazilian did not miss the opportunity to justify his mistake and even questioned – as a joke – his son for having called him “the one who does not study in class.

As you told me?… I’m going to explain: I already looked it up on the internet and it turns out that ‘shoulder’ in Portuguese, the pronunciation is the same, but it is written differently, indeed, in Portuguese it is written without ‘h’ and in Spanish it is written with ‘h’, like this congratulations my love you were absolutely right. But, in my defense, that’s why I was wrong“.

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She began her career as a model. He lived in Italy until an agency hired him to work in Mexico, where he was only supposed to spend a few months, but from the first he fell in love with the country and decided to stay. Now, he is a famous soap opera actor and has formed a family with the Mexican actress, Ariadne Díaz, with whom he began a relationship in 2014.

In September of this year, Ariadne Díaz revealed that four years ago Ornellas asked her to marry him and gave her an engagement ring, despite this the couple does not seem to have started their wedding plans.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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