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Sol Bonelli premieres feminist and eclectic drama

Sol Bonelli premieres feminist and eclectic drama

created by eve sol bonelli All he comes to say is that he remained silent during the forced silence of millennia. fiery eveThe new play, from the writer and director, arrives this Thursday in El Extranzero, presented by Olev Mendoza.

“Eve has been silenced since the second day of creation, when she was cast out of heaven,” says Bonelli. Now, I wanted her to tell her version of that origin, but her take on the present of this apocalypse. attitude too.”

The biblical character was with Adam at the beginning of everything, although he is given the responsibility of being expelled from Eden. Now she complains about what has been done since then. “Obviously, seeing the result, humanity failed and destroyed itself,” says Sol. “And Eva, from this plastic Eden, complains about what wasn’t done or was done wrong.”

Work by Sol Bonelli with Olev Mendoza in "Fiery Eve" El Extranzero.  photo press

Work by Sol Bonelli with Olev Mendoza in “Fiery Eve” El Extranzero. photo press

During the creative process of this new work, Soul had an inspirational collection, Tita Marello, “That was my soundtrack.” But also, put forth today, “this Eva has seen everything and is able to connect Tita with Tiny Stossel. She’s Lunafarda, though with some licence,” she says.

The genesis of this work and its forceful protagonist arose quite accidentally. After completing a diploma, in 2019, in which one instruction was to write with only sharp words, Bonelli put together the first text that matched Jesus, Satan, Mary Magdalene and Eve, among other characters who matched . Tone.

“With the appearance of the pandemic, from the group of writers we established reading clubs and were reborn there, inspired by the apocalyptic sensation of the time, the desire to make a monologue about this material with some humor. But now, the roles With a focus on transforming and Eva,” he says.

Eve is alone

In this stage, Eva is alone; There is no news of Adam. “In that space, she returns to the original moment and at the same time, she is in the present and has a lot to say,” she says. “Eva has shown that decision-making women are dangerous to the patriarchal culture and the system that oppresses them. Therefore, she must remain silent, and she must only father children.”

According to Bonelli, Eva’s story wherever it appears is tragic, it is also linked to her motherhood. “She was blamed for everything and as the mother of humanity her sons, Cain and Abel, also killed themselves to fix it with God. But we never listened to her opinion.”

Sol Bonelli voices the biblical Eve in his new work.  photo ef

Sol Bonelli voices the biblical Eve in his new work. photo ef

Faced with this model, and in the midst of a collapsed world, also from an environmental point of view, Eva describes what failed and wonders if another humanity is possible that lays the foundation for a new world, The planet connects all other living beings. ,

“I believe in the magic of words and this playful place Eva was born from, so there’s some music in the language and in her dialogue with the public”, describes Bonelli. “She questions the rules that were imposed on her from the start and what is supposedly right or wrong, which goes hand in hand with patriarchy.”

Considering this current on the verge of climate and environmental degradation, the costumes and scenery of both fiery eve They realize it too. And everything else made of plastic waste, like Eva’s story, is resigned on stage. “The intention is to turn everything around,” says Soul, “to ask myself a lot of questions and listen to the voices that were silenced.”


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