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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Soilwork guitarist dies

  • The famous guitarist of the group, Soilwork, David Andersson dies
  • He also belonged to The Night Flight Orchestra
  • I was 47 years old

Tragic news for music, the famous guitarist of the group, Soilwork, David Andersson dies, he was in The Night Flight Orchestra, for which the entertainment world is in mourning, as confirmed by the group to which he belonged through a sense message on social networks, reported the news portal marskalrock.

Social networks were flooded with messages, especially from the groups of which he was a part, as well as from his relatives and followers that he conquered all over the world with his great talent and who will always be remembered as one of the most famous, for which no one wanted to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to him.


musician dies

Most of the messages include photographs of the deceased with a guitar and with two messages to remember one of the most recognized artists worldwide and who achieved many successes alongside the groups that honor him today after hearing the news about his death. , was 47 years old.

So far the causes of his death are unknown, but his followers have written farewell words to him, and of course the groups in which he was a part could not be missing, since he left a great void in their hearts and now they fire him as one of the greats of music for his virtuosity with the guitar, it was reported on the news that Soilwork’s guitarist dies.

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