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Sofia Vergara turned 50 and prepares a miniseries for Netflix

For the American public Sofia Vergara is the crazy Gloria Delgado of the comedy Modern Family, for the Colombians who discovered her at the age of 18 in a local television commercial, she is simply “La toti”.

What is indisputable for Colombians and Americans is that Sofía Vergara has been always beautiful and a talented woman who made her way through the difficult world of modeling, Hispanic television and Hollywood with his mythical smile and his ability to make people laugh without losing glamour.

This Sunday, July 10, “La toti” turned 50 years old And like other famous Latinas like Jennifer Lopez or her compatriot Shakira, she is still as beautiful and slim as she was two or three decades ago.

The 50 he celebrated with his family and his son Manolo, and in the photos he shared on his Instagram he was seen dressed in a white and red suit and her blonde hair falling over her shoulders in front of a coconut cake. Cakes are his weakness.

Sofia Vergara, in white and red to celebrate her 50th birthday.  Photo: @sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara, in white and red to celebrate her 50th birthday. Photo: @sofiavergara

How were its beginnings?

Sofia Vergara toappeared on Colombian television for the first time in 1989 in a commercial for a soft drink, then came her successful foray into television for the Hispanic public in Florida as a presenter and from there she jumped to Hollywood with small roles in movies until landing in modern-family.

In addition to becoming one of the highest paid actresses In the past decade, Sofía Vergara won four Screen Actors Guild Awards, was nominated for four Emmys and Golden Globes for her role as Gloria Delgado, the loving, foul-mouthed and vivacious Colombian wife of Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill).

Sofia’s great success in modern-family it was turn the flaw of your poorly spoken English into a seal of distinction and in being a source of love for her family, as a good Latina, in a world of dysfunctional loves.

Sofía Vergara, in the center, together with the protagonists of the series "Modern Family".

Sofía Vergara, in the center, together with the protagonists of the series “Modern Family”.

Sofia’s is not free. She is an inveterate reader and a disciplined womanfocused on her purposes, which despite her Caribbean happiness has been far from the scandals that surround Hollywood.

“Sofía is still the same Barranquillera as always,” one of her friends, Katya González Ripoll, described to the newspaper El Heraldo de Barranquilla on her birthday, detailing that neither fame nor money changed the woman who left the country, like many of his compatriots, fleeing the violence of the 90s that took one of his brothers ahead.

He went through a difficult illness

Not everything has been easy in Sofia’s life. At the age of 28, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.was treated and underwent surgery and as she herself confessed a year ago on her social networks, she is a “survivor” of the disease.

Sofia Vergara went through cancer and a tough dispute with her ex, for her embryos.  Reuters photo.

Sofia Vergara went through cancer and a tough dispute with her ex, over her embryos. Reuters photo.

This married to American actor Joe Manganiellobut before her marriage she was engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, who took her to court in one of those star disputes that are usually seen in American courts, this time for the use he wanted to give her frozen embryos.

In the end, Sofía defeated Loeb in all the courts where she sued her and made sure to prevent his “ex” from making use of his genetic material without his consent.

In April 2020 concluded modern-familyafter 11 years at the top of American television, but that was not the end of Sofía, who by then had already successfully entered the world of fashion with a line of clothing and beauty products.

In the last year, some images of her were leaked playing the role of Colombian drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, in a miniseries that is about to see the light on Netflix and that bears the seal of the creators of narcs.

While the one arrives it will be his first leading role in a dramatic roleSofía remains current on American television during the prime time slot as one of the juries of America’s Got Talentwhere he spares no opportunity to show off his fun personality.

Source: ANSA/ Oscar Escamilla


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