Home Entertainment Sofía Reyes reacts to the allegation of the Grupo Firme

Sofía Reyes reacts to the allegation of the Grupo Firme

Sofía Reyes desmiente haber ofendido a Grupo Firme

Did he say “nacos”? It’s the question fans were asked of the singer after she was accused of insulting the band.

MEXICO.- Sofia Reyes became a trend after a Video where he supposedly calls “nacos” too the members of Group of companies.

After the scandal that arose, the singer went to deny the charge and even asserted that she was “very out of hand and angry” by the controversy it generated. The “idiot” interpreter also asserted that “those who know her” know that she would never say such a thing. ”

Sofía Reyes Reacts To The Allegation Of The Grupo Firme - Light Home News
Recording of the video for which Sofía Reyes is heavily criticized

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Why did Sofía Reyes “offend” the Grupo Firme?

According to Recording that was broadcast in social networks and unleashed the review against Sofia Reyes, The argument came during the last Latin Grammy Awards, where the group won the Best Band Music Album award.

But in the backstage corridors Sofia had a brief meeting with the members The 26-year-old is supposed to be the band at the time offended her when it happened to them together.

The supposed Offense was recordedby an employee of the Grupo Firme, who accompanied the clip with a controversial message:

“Like when you go with all your good vibes and Sofia Reyes passes the final and says ‘That, nacos!’. Morra Amargada ”, wrote the alleged employees of the regional Mexican music group.

As you can imagine, Sofía Reyes became a target of criticism after the video was released, so she immediately went to Twitter to clarify what happened.

Sofía denies having called Grupo Firmes “Nacos”

The singer also recorded her Instagram stories deny the accusation against you In one video, Sofia repeats that she did not say what is said on the internet and in the media.

“I want to tell you that I am very out of whack and actually angry because I just saw it […] Allegedly, I express myself negatively or contemptuously towards other artists whom I have never said what they say […] It surprises me very much because I celebrated it and I would never express myself that way about anyone […] Sofia clarified further.

What does Grupo Firme say about Sofía Reyes?

Although a great one scandal for the supposed Insult issued by Sofía Reyes against the group, so far none of the Members of the Grupo Firme talked about it, so fans of the singer assure that they will take advantage of it Controversy.

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