Home Entertainment Sofía Castro and Paulina Peña aren’t estranged

Sofía Castro and Paulina Peña aren’t estranged

Sofía Castro and Paulina Peña are not estranged

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— Sofía Castro put down the rumors that there was no friendship between her and the daughters of Enrique Peña Nieto, her mom’s ex-husband.

Angélica Rivera’s daughter not often confessed her relationship with Paulina Peña Pretelini, the firstborn of the previous Mexican president, and even assured her that Paulina known as her to inform her about her dedication to Fernando Tena.

“Paulina marked me, I did my nails, then she said to me: ‘Don’t say anything.’ I couldn’t scream in the living room because no one could find out, ”mentioned Sofía.

“I’m very happy, she is my sister,” he added in an interview with “Suelta la Sopa”.

Sofía Castro defined why she did not write congratulations to Paulina Peña on Instagram on the day the politician’s daughter shared her future marriage ceremony.

“The fact that I haven’t written (on networks) doesn’t mean there isn’t a relationship. When she tagged me, she said, ‘I wanted to tag you because we’re always talking about this moment.’ What woman doesn’t want her sister to get her ring! ”Commented Sofía.

He additionally spoke on a topic that he seldom addresses. “Ever since my mother started referring to Peña Nieto, they always wanted to face us Paulina and me because we were the big ones. They adamantly said that we don’t get along, that we compete for the dress. People made a competition of their own accord that we never had, ”mentioned the actress.

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