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Sofía Aragón hospitalized in an emergency

Sofía Aragón hospitalizada

Former Miss Universe stays in hospital in a clinic after presenting a picture of pneumonia.

MEXICO CITY. – The former beauty queen, Sofia Aragón caused concern to his followers after it was reported that he had to be Hospital emergency. The hostess of “Venga la Alegría” assured that she was sick for three days.

A publication in social networks in which he is a. Was seen Oxygen mask alerted her fans who asked Sofía to continue to take care of herself when she neglected herself and ended up in the hospital.

For this reason, Sofía Aragón had to go to hospital in an emergency

The former Miss Universe confirmed through her Instagram that she was hospitalized afterwards have different symptoms related to Covid-19, but after conducting the relevant studies, the doctors found it it was pneumoniawhy you have to stay in the hospital.

In one Photography, The model and TV presenter was born in a. shown Hospital bed with a Oxygen mask and connected to various devices. In this picture, the 27-year-old girl described her current health and diagnosis, and this is how she explained it started with symptoms three days ago, but the exams to recognize the performed Covid-19 they came off negatively.

I started with the temperature and discomfort in the throat. Two hours later Covid tests that turned out negative, I trusted myself and went on with my normal life, completely ignoring my body’s symptoms: sore throat, chest, lungs and head, fever and cough, ”explained Sofía.

Sofía Aragón Hospitalized In An Emergency - Light Home News

I took it like a little seasonal flu or even emotionally and completely ignore them […] I’m in the hospital today […] I have pneumonia, ”added the host of the TV program Azteca.

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Calls to take care of yourself

The model urged her followers to medical studies are constantly being carried out and take care of your health. He also pointed out that there are other diseases besides Covid-19 and reassured people to take care of themselves and not miss any symptoms.

Sofía Aragón assured that in a few days she would be able to continue her normal life.

“Friends! Not because it’s not Covid-19 does that mean we have to trust ourselves and neglect ourselves […] Surely I’ll be perfect in a few days, but take care, “he finished Beauty queen.

Sofía Aragón Hospitalized In An Emergency - Light Home News
Sofía Aragón Hospitalized In An Emergency - Light Home News
Sofía Aragón Hospitalized In An Emergency - Light Home News

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