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Soda Stereo-Gracias Totales’s plan to be the first non-polluting tour by a Latin artist

Soda Stereo-Gracias Totales's plan to be the first non-polluting tour by a Latin artist

The commitment to caring for the environment He is not at odds with the technological deployment that a group like Soda Stereo requires in their shows around the world. This is how the plan came about for Soda Stereo-Total Thanks Be the first non-polluting tour of a Latin American artist.

The group, together with the R21 Foundation, they planted 2,000 native trees to offset the carbon footprint of the first four concerts already held at the beginning of the tour. The idea is to take responsibility for environmental care and complete a zero emission tour for the total number of shows. This is a historic action, as it is unprecedented when it comes to Latin American artists.

On his return to the stage in the framework of the international tour Total Thanks – Soda Stereo, Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio, together with the R21 Foundation team (revolucion21.org), set the goal of offsetting the emissions generated during the concerts and thus make the tour the first in Latin America to be 100% Carbon Neutral.

Chilean Singer Mon Laferte During Her Presentation With Soda Stereo, In Bogotá On The &Quot;Gracias Totales&Quot; Tour Photo: Efe

Chilean singer Mon Laferte during her presentation with Soda Stereo, in Bogotá on the “Gracias Totales” tour Photo: EFE

You will see me come back

After fulfilling the commitment in the first four shows held in 2020, once the tour is over in 2022, it will be held the second great tree plantation to make up for the remaining concerts.

Through an exhaustive scientific study of the operations and performance of the tour, the team led by Dr. Patricia Himschoot, from R21, achieved calculate 100% of emissions that involve elements such as the local and international transfer of all the staff, musicians, technical equipment, public transport, waste and all the energy used in the shows.

The result of this type of analysis calculates cHow many tons of Co2 must be compensated and how to get it.

After the first four shows of the tour, Total Thanks solved the planting of 2,000 native trees that was carried out in the forests of southern Argentina through the Friends of Patagonia Association.

Charly Alberti During His Presentation At The Campín Stadium In Bogotá With The Tour &Quot;Soda Stereo-Gracias Totales&Quot;.  Photo: Efe

Charly Alberti during his presentation at the Campín stadium in Bogotá with the tour “Soda Stereo-Gracias Totales”. Photo: EFE

This action, in addition to having a global environmental impact, also has a valuable social component, since it involves local populations and young people who are informed, aware and trained during the planting process.

In addition to the planting of new specimens, the production of Total Thanks add up like action in favor of the environment an invitation to local promoters to reduce environmental impact through good environmental practices.

Among other actions, the separation of waste is promoted, the placement of information booths on forms of sustainable mobility, the reduction of the use of single-use plastics (both for the public and for artists) and the use of biofuels in electricity generators, among others.

How the tour continues

Sustainable Tour Total Thanks-Soda Stereo you will continue your tour with two dates, on December 18 and 19 at the Campo Argentino de Polo in the City of Buenos Aires, with a review of some of the most emblematic songs of Latin American rock in the first great post-quarantine show in the region.

Charly and Zeta resume this farewell tour of the stages and celebrating the history of Soda Stereo with a live show together with some international and national artists who, in person or through an audiovisual format, will be as guests in a celebration at the band and Gustavo Cerati.


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