So watch the Janet Jackson documentary “Malfunction”

Fresh on the heels of the extremely successful and informative documentation Framing by Britney Spearswho have favourited Hulu on FX series The New York Times The gifts… followed with another pop culture-centric episode – this time one examining the events of the 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” that played out 15 years later between Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

The moment came when Timberlake was known to tear fabric from Jackson’s outfit during the performance – exposing her chest, triggering a wave of reactions from viewers, event sponsors, and more.

In the latest hour-long episode, The New York Times presents: Malfunction: The Dressing of Janet Jackson, the series tries to examine some unanswered questions and put the controversial moment in today’s context – analyzing not only the opposing reactions to the two performers after the incident, but also the ways in which racism and sexism may have hurt later Jackson’s career long-term while that of Timberlake remains.

New York Times Presents Documentary filmmaker Jodi Gomes tried to understand the “how and why” of the infamous incident through the special. And when ET asked why they wanted to tackle the story now, Gomes mentioned a particular desire to look at the situation through today’s lens.

“I think because we wanted to frame the picture and look at everything through a new lens and look at it with today’s lens to see exactly what happened,” explained Gomes. “It was a tremendous performance that touched a lot of people and had many unintended consequences, and we just wanted to look at it from today’s perspective and examine it and see the how and why. One person was treated differently from the other and I think it made a lot of sense to me at the time. “

Malfunction offers unprecedented interviews and recordings of the people who were behind the scenes during the infamous moment, as well as glimpses of the reporting and political discourse that came out in the days that followed.

You can see Malfunction: The Dressing Down by Janet Jackson now – that’s how it works.

So watch Malfunction: The Dressing Down by Janet Jackson: The documentary, which also aired on FX, can be found at Hulu. subscribe to. However, if you don’t see it on your profile, try searching for the full title many subscribers had to provide to find the movie.


Reference from etonline