‘SNL’: Watch Pete Davidson sing the parody ‘Walking In Memphis’ about Staten Island with Marc Cohn and Method Man

It’s no secret that Pete Davidson loves to make fun of his Staten Island homeland. The 28-year-old comedian has commented on growing up in the New York area many times over the years and shared his feelings in a hilarious sketch on November 20th Saturday night live.

Davidson parodied Marc Cohn’s famous 1991 song “Walking In Memphis” and turned the track around Staten Island.

“Put on my Bootleg Jordans and I got on the train,” Davidson began the song. “Landed in the land of Colin Jost and the legendary Wu-Tang.”

Davidson then sang about everything from the amounts of trash in the streets to the roaming wild turkeys. He later joked that there are several bagel shops and pizzerias in the area, which can be found on each block. “We have a lot of cops and a lot of pills,” he jokes at one point.

When the lyrics weren’t good enough, Cohn joined Davidson halfway through the song to join in. He wasn’t the only one either. At one point, Method Man stepped into the sketch and rapped about being Italian for the night.

“Tell me, are you Italian,” sang Davidson Method Man, who hilariously replied, “Man, I’m tonight.”

Towards the end of the skit, Davidson hums, “I run in Staten … this place is why I got weird.”

Check out the hilarious 4 minute sketch below.

Davidson was born and raised in Staten Island and is known for still visiting Campania, his favorite restaurant in the area. In fact, it’s only the two weeks ago SNL star took his new love interest Kim Kardashian to the Italian restaurant.

“Kim and Pete spent time together on Staten Island at one of his favorite spots, the Campania Restaurant,” a source told ET on Nov. 3. “Pete and Kim enjoyed their time together and had fun bonded over it.”

A second source added, “Kim and Pete like each other. They try to play it off that they’re just friends, but right now it’s a little bit more than that. They have a lot of fun together. Pete makes Kim laugh and makes her feel special. Pete is obviously thrilled and has a crush on Kim. “


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