Home Entertainment ‘SNL’: Simu Liu says he manifested the ‘Shang-Chi’ role in 2014 Tweet

‘SNL’: Simu Liu says he manifested the ‘Shang-Chi’ role in 2014 Tweet

'SNL': Simu Liu says he manifested the 'Shang-Chi' role in 2014 Tweet

Simu Liu made his Saturday night live Hosting debut on November 20, opening the show with an enthusiastic monologue in which he spoke about everything from Canadian to his role in Shang-Chi. The 32-year-old actor reflected on an old tweet in which he manifested the role in the Marvel movie.

Liu joked about being Canadian at first and went a bit on American Thanksgiving, saying it was basically a kickstart for Black Friday shopping. Then he shared some of the things he was most grateful for – including his new role in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

Liu said he was hired for “asking politely” and shared a tweet he wrote in July 2014 that read, “Hey @Wonder, great job with Cpt America and Thor. How about an Asian-American hero? “

Liu later talked about dressing up as Spider-Man for kids’ parties before his first big break as an actor. Remembering a kid named Trevor telling him, “You’re not Spider-Man,” Liu looked into the camera and said, “You’re right Trevor. I’m Shang-Chi, bitch!”

Before his big night, Liu shared his excitement – and nervousness – in a hilarious post on Instagram.

“On a one to ten turkey fear scale,” he wrote, adding “I am,” followed by 10 turkey emojis. “Seriously, I’m in the locker room right now and I’m still scrolling through TikTok. Why doesn’t Addison Rae make me feel better ?! What the hell is a Kool Aid Man challenge? ??! ??!?!?”

“Tune in tonight to see how I mentally break down mentally at @NBCSNL,” added Liu. “It won’t be great, but it will be memorable. Like watching a video of an exposed Karen losing to a CVS, but with more crying. RIP my career.”

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