Skorpios the luxurious Greek island that you can rent, how much does it cost?

If your plans are to spend more than 1 million dollars on an unforgettable vacation, then you must visit the private island Skorpios, located on the western coast of Greece.

On this island the wedding between the Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis took place in 1968. But now, the island will become a luxury resort in 2024.

With a value of 200 million dollars, the luxurious project called “VIP Exclusive Club” has already been approved by the government of Greece.

The island environment will feature a five-star hotel, about 10 large and medium-sized villas, a spa, gym, artificial lake, a vineyard, a soccer field, a farm and of course, a helipad.

A week-long stay in Skorpios will reportedly cost about $ 1.2 million and will only accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

The luxurious complex will be run by the Norwegian company Snøhetta, known for projects such as the Library of Alexandria and the new headquarters of the newspaper Le Monde in Paris.

The island was inherited to Onassis’s granddaughter, Athina, who sold the property to the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, Ekaterina, in 2013.

“The basic idea is to create a green island with the greatest possible use of its existing landscape, its structure and its incomparable beauty,” said Rybolovlev in 2020.

“Our family’s goal is to create the first luxury accommodation complex in Greece, located on a private island. It will be unique in the Mediterranean. At the same time, all the works are being carried out with great care and in complete harmony with the surroundings ”, declared the billionaire.

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