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Sketchbook from Disney+, where dreams come true

Sketchbook from Disney+, where dreams come true

Hyun Min Lee is the example of dreams coming true. As a child she was obsessed with Disney films while living in South Korea and today she is one of the protagonists of the documentary film Skechtbook which is now available on Disney+. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: If you have Disney+, you’ll get a discount at Disney World hotels

Behind his head and work is one of the animation company’s most iconic characters of all time: Olaf from Frozen.

And Min Lee is the animator who brought this fun character to life, and now she’s part of this series, which also shows the process behind characters like Simba, Mirabel Madrigal (Charm) and Kuzco, among others. “One of the biggest difficulties is saying goodbye to the character and thinking that things could have been done better. The challenge isn’t so much in difficulties as in learning or settling in, but in wanting to know the character, build it and portray it,” says the artist of the process that audiences can see in this documentary series. Sketchbook reflects the creation behind various representative characters of this entertainment company and people will not only be able to experience how they were drawn but also what happens in the minds and hands of those who perform them. Although we as viewers forget that there are people behind every character, Min Lee points out that the creation process includes the opportunity to talk to the person supervising the film, the animators and the special effects department, among others. In order to empathize with the character, Hyun watches movies, reads books, and even watches videos on YouTube to help her penetrate the character’s mind and personality.

“I’m also trying to find something where I resonate with the character, so I can bring out that side of myself and make the character feel more real and sincere (…) Olaf is a kid who sees everything in a fun and positive way . I think seeing him is something that helps me bring out a happier side of myself,” Lee said. Sketchbook is now available on Disney+ and in the documentary series you can learn more about the motivations and development of characters like Hook and the Genie from Aladdin in addition to those already mentioned. Without a doubt, Lee’s story is one of overcoming, of ambition, and of achieving his goals. Check out his behind-the-scenes involvement in this project and let us know what you think about the making of Olaf. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: Concert of songs from “Encanto” arrives in Raleigh

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