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Six decades of career, 53 albums and a thousand songs; Alfredo Del Orbe, pioneer of norteño music

One of the pioneers of norteño music without a doubt is Alfredo del Orbe, lagoon singer of the 50sWhat have you achieved stand firm in this difficult but rewarding artistic journey, so revealed it in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

Alfredo Garcia Hernandez his original name, He has recorded 53 albums and approximately a thousand songs, including covers and originals.embodying a unique style, since owns an original voice with which has managed to be recognized in many places in the Mexican Republic.

“I never left my style because it is the one that made me known many years ago, I started in 1957 in an amateur program that was here in Torreón through from a radio station, there emerged two figures of norteño music, Lorenzo de Monteclaro and I”, he recalled.

In 1963, ‘El Crooner Norteño’, as he is also recognized, decided to leave his lagoon land to settle in the Sultana del Nortebecause considered that Monterrey, Nuevo León, was the cradle of norteño music.

“I’ve been living there for 50-odd years, but now I live both there and here in my Laguna, I was born in my Torreón, Coahuila, and here I am back, with many experiences in my life.”

You are aware that the turn that norteño music has given is very great, since new talents have emerged and he considers himself an interpreter of the golden age of norteño music.

“This is already in history, how trios are left, how orchestras are left, how mariachis are left, those of us who started doing this were Pedro Yerena, Juan Montoya, Homero Prado, Mario Saucedo, Juan Salazar, Lorenzo de Monteclaro, Mundo Miranda, other colleagues that I don’t remember at the moment, and I, most of my colleagues have already passed away, really nothing more Lorenzo de Monteclaro and I remain from that beautiful time”.

Without a doubt, Alfredo del Orbe, along with his other colleagues, have been a school for many northern artists.

“I don’t understand why new elements have not emerged, imagine since 1957 that Lorenzo and I started from here in the Comarca Lagunera, no one has emerged again, the day God calls us the music of the time ends, all the groups that were there such as Los Montañeses del Alamo, Los Alegres de Terán, Los Coyotes del Bravo, Los Gorriones del Topo Chico, among others, have already passed away, just there are only memories, but even so, people still have us in their tastes, thank God”.

when asking him Where does the name of the Northern Crooner come from?he explained, “an announcer from here put it on for me, I don’t remember his name and once I came from Monterrey in the car, there in San Pedro I listened to the radio and well, in one of my songs ‘Cold of absence’, he named me like that the Crooner of norteño music, when I arrived I asked him, hey and what is Crooner, and he told me, there is hardly any here in Mexico singers like that, it means that you are a singer with a melancholic, soft voice and that you have all the rhythms, you have everything, you sing boleros to perfection and that way they can put on an orchestra, or a group and you do it very well”.

Of his most notorious successes are, “Traitor Seagull”, “Cold of Absence”; “Get away”, “Come”, “Oblivion between drinks”, “You are to blame” and “Everything happened”between many more.

His music has been well accepted not only in his homeland and in Monterrey, but also in other cities. of the Mexican Republic, where he also managed to take his style to recognized national television programs such as Siempre en Domingo with Raúl Velasco, En Vivo with Ricardo Rocha, Club del Hogar with Paco Stanley, Hoy Mismo with Guillermo Ochoa and Lourdes Guerrero, among others.

“I haven’t wanted to record albums for three years, because I’m already tired, I’ve been recording for many years and now I really enjoy singing in places where they hire me, celebrations, at parties more right”.

when asking him What has been your greatest experience in this musical journey? He answered, “I was 19 years old when I started in music, and that has been my greatest experience and the most beautiful thing that I have lived, that God has given me permission to reach this age that I am and that people are still applauding me, hiring, that they continue singing my songs, and that they continue doing interviews with me, I am amazed, they are very beautiful things that I am going to take with me”.

There are many young people today who launch themselves into the musical world with the hope to achieve a good place in the public’s taste, when asking the singer for advice for them, he expressed.

“I say this, right now everything has changed, most of the groups are no longer their own groups, unfortunately they are imitators, that’s the point, everyone wants to record and sing like Los Cadetes de Linares, like Catarino Leos and Los Rancheritos del Topo, the soloists want to sing like Vicente Fernández, like Lorenzo de Monteclaro, they want to imitate what already exists or existed, they don’t have their own voice, I think they have to fight, life is fighting every day, knocking on doors, in order to reach wherever you want to go, even your wardrobe must be original and another very important thing, the movement of your hands, the hands speak, they express what you are singing and many stay still or just dance and dance, I don’t understand what happens, the point is not to sound the same and many do it just to make money”.

He recommends originality to everyone who dedicates himself to singing, even if they sing ugly, but they don’t sound the same as anyone else.

“I sing from a very young age, and I sing ugly but very strong, I tell them, you must sing with your own voice, with your personal style and people will be locating them”.

Don Alfredo will spend a few weeks in La Laguna to fulfill work commitments and prepare to receive a tribute in september by the program Cantantes Laguneros de la Plaza de Armas, by Magda Limones.

“Surely this tribute is the first days of September, because I am turning 56 years old as a singer, I am going to talk to Magda to see if it can be on September 10, for me it is a pleasure to sing there, whenever I go there is a lot going on and I hope to sing together with my colleagues whom I appreciate very much and if any of them want to stand out, I would gladly help them in any way I could”.

Meanwhile, the Crooner will continue its presentations in La Laguna, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Zacatecas and Durango.

“I already take it easy, I will continue singing, because I would retire the day that people no longer go to see me or no longer talk to me to hire me, people ask me what I take because I sing just like I started, and well, thank you goodbye”.

Finally, he said goodbye to his faithful followers, with the following, “First of all, through this newspaper, I tell you that I am very grateful to all of you for so much support, thank you for loving me so much, you have given me so much, so much opportunity to sing what that I like, I want to die singing, I hope that God would give me the opportunity and that I would die in a forum, it would be fabulous for me, thank you, thank you and always remember your countryman, here in my beloved Torreón, Coahuila”.


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